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Why do I want to buy a cheap guitar?


I have more guitars already - 13 or so, than I can can give proper love to. I enjoy what I have which is mostly Gretsch, but every thing I have is high quality.

Yet - I find myself wanting to pick up this Epiphone Limited ES-335 Pro at GC for $399.00. Plays great, sounds very nice looks nice. I had an Epi Dot many years ago that I traded on my first Gretsch. Loved that guitar, but loved the Gretsch more and glad I traded. But I still kinda miss it. I like the Broadkaster TFM model in Bourbon. They sound great and are gorgeous. I really can't justify getting that or a Gibby ES 335 unless I unload something. Oh, first world problems.


That’s a slippery slope my friend. I tried getting really cheap guitars, something I could leave out in the shop to test out amps. But I hate crappy guitars so I end up buying a NICE cheap guitar. That’s when I realize that it’s too nice to leave outside. So it goes in a case, under a bed (next to three other cheap guitars) and I still pull out the nice guitar to entertain myself.


I say do it. Life's too short.


...because we always want things we don't have.



I know the feeling. I certainly don’t need another cheap guitar but I get GAS over guitars I don’t need. Recently this guy... Link I can usually talk myself out of it or distract myself until it passes.


Greg, right now I’m stewing on an Epi LP Florentine or 335. If I find the right one, I’ll probably pull the trigger. I tried a Florentine a while back and it was great.


If you sell the boat, you can pretty much buy whatever guitar you want.


What Suprdave said, and share some pics of the Epi if you get it!


The question is not how cheap the guitar is. It’s how good.

There are great cheap guitars. There are bad expensive guitars. The relationship between cost and goodness isn’t inverse, of course - but it’s also not direct.

Aaaand, I think I might get more satisfaction from a good cheap guitar than a good expensive one, reasoning that what I paid for the pricey one OUGHT to have bought delight, but I got more than I paid for with the cheapie.

Not to mention, of course, that you can have more guitars to enjoy for the same money off the bargain rack.

Anyway, fellers, a guy shouldn’t go through life without a 335 of some sort - or a double-P90 mahogany slab. If it won’t take shoes off the kids’ feet or put you on the street in your golden years, go forth and satisfy.


Not sure what cheap is,guitars these days are so accessible,thousands second hand' a bit like cars' and mostly well made and with a few bits done to them sound pretty good through a high end amp.Over the years I've entertained myself with a rather large unnecessary collection, thoroughly enjoyed the trip and eventually found that it was distracting me from actually sitting down with a good guitar and playing and learning, so I thought" picked up a couple of the 2020 Electromatics, tried and yep I'm on the road again" must be that Gretsch addiction, neck profile fits my hand like a glove, new range of pickups on the 335 style. Spruce centre block sounded very good through a Deluxe reverb RI . Gotta resist maybe' already have a Epiphone Elite ES335 that sings and talks to me' and a Korean ES335 Dot , cold turkey for me"" .


This is floating my boat. . .


Sucker for a cheap guitar. Airline Twin Tone in my case. Swopped the nasty cheap pickups for GFS Surf 90s to make it even more cheap n nasty


Wanting to buy cheap is understandable because most players don't gig, and even the ones who do aren't likely to make back what they spend for gear.....I went through a phase of buying cheap, then realized that the real thing is no more expensive in terms of inflation than they were in Da Golden Age. So the cheapos sit in the gig bag and come out once a year for restringing while the real ones get played.

While folks rave about the playability of the imports, they would absolutely not want to live under the regimes that produce them.


I love cheap guitars. Sorry, but I do. I get a kick out of how good a cheap guitar can play and sound. I have 4 Telecasters, including a real 1959 model that I bought way back in the late 70's. But the Squire Classic Vibe 50's is the one that gets the most work. It was cheap, and I love it. Except for the weight, Fender picked the heaviest damn pine to make the bodies out of....


I’m excited about the new guitar building tech that allows robots to make thousands of identical copies bringing the price down so low that we can try so many more models than in the past. Even 20 years ago I couldn’t have dreamed that I could one day try all of the models that I was curious about. Also, thanks to Guitar Center’s 45 day trail policy for making it even easier.


The modern Epiphones coming out of Qingdao these days are crazy good. The 335-Pro, which I believe has ProBucker pickups and coil tapping, is one heck of a versatile tone machine. For 400 bucks you can hardly go wrong.


I know the feeling. I certainly don’t need another cheap guitar but I get GAS over guitars I don’t need. Recently this guy... Link I can usually talk myself out of it or distract myself until it passes.

– Bob Howard

I went through that, too...but, in cherry red because I couldn't find a yellow local.....I ended up selling it.


If it costs less and plays well and sounds good, and you just plain want it and can afford it, go for it. Justification would be to have something that you can take places when you may be hesitant about taking others. I did this with a Corvette and never had any regrets.


Some times cheap ones w/ better hardware and electronics become totally killer. My Mexi Duo Sonic w/ better pickups, and refretted is great. Still I want a 56-57 Duo Sonic for the 22.5 scale. But I will troll for a hacked one as long as the neck is intact.


The under 1k guitar market is fantastic these days. Especially if you're good with setups and PU swaps. My Epi Joe Pass gets lots of attention these days. That market is perfect for scratching a particular itch without unduly pissing off she who must be obeyed.


The Epiphone Limited ES-335 Pro is a good guitar.


I've wasted a fair amount of time and money modifying inexpensive guitars, only to find they typically don't get much play. The 5129 with T-Armonds is a notable exception; probably the PRS baritone as well. Mods to DeArmonds, Squiers and the like have yielded interesting guitars that don't stand the test of time. I suspect I'll always have a Strat and a Tele (or three) and the Junior isn't going anywhere. In fact, I have four guitars with different body styles and compliments of P-90s that all have their own sound and appeal. I'm on a quest to downsize. I'm done modding inexpensive guitars.

I think.


I loooooove cheap guitars. They're fun. And when they fall on the floor, you just shrug and say, "Dang, it stayed in tune!"


Tell y’uns what, I have an Eastman ES-175 knockoff and practically speaking, it’s a 60’s Gibson.

Then I started entertaining the acquisition of a “beater” archtop. I stumbled onto an Epi 175 knockoff, mint with hardshell, for $450. Danged if I ain’t still looking for a “beater”, coz a “beater” this ain’t by a long shot!


This is floating my boat. . .

– Mr Tubs

What is this what what what?

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