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Who Plays Blue Guitars?


It's no secret that I love blue guitars. (And I know I'm not the only one here.) It's my favorite (favourite for our UK and Canadian friends) color/colour and there are relatively few guitars available in blue, so there's a bit of exclusivity to them. Plus there's the whole Picasso Blue Period Old Guitarist painting, Wallace Stevens poem and Scott Chinery Blue Guitars. Today I was thinking of who plays blue guitars.

The only signature models I'm aware of are the Epiphone Casino Gary Clark Jr. Blak and Blu:

And the Dave Grohl Gibson ES-335 with the Trini Lopez headstock and diamond f-holes:

Anybody else play a blue guitar?


My acoustic is blue...Gibson LC-1 Cascade.


Tommy Emmanuel's limited run Mexican signature Telecaster is blue. He also played a custom shop tiger maple capped Tele that he loved, when he was still playing electric stuff.


I've never been bold enough to go blue, but that Gary Clark Jr. Casino is beautiful. Not much of a fan of the Pelham Blue though.


Not a fan of blue guitars but I love that black and blue Epiphone.


I have a Lee Ranaldo Jazzmaster. It's a nice looking guitar.


Here's my refinned 1514 synchro Jet Pro. (It was originally cherryburst.)


Rotten picture, but I've got a blueburst Danelectro U2.

Several times I came real close to buying (sight unseen) an Epiphone ES-355 in what they call TV Pelham Blue. I'm glad I talked myself out of it, because when I finally played one it was not my cup of tea. They look cool, though.


I like blue guitars. I felt guilty when Buddy Guy sang (derisively) about somebody playing the blues on a blue guitar though.

I have a blue McCarty, a Catalina Blue Guild X160, and this one I just got a couple months ago:


I have a Lee Ranaldo Jazzmaster. It's a nice looking guitar.

– Mil

I had the Thurston Moore green one for awhile. Love looks of the blue Ranaldo though.


I've had a Fender Modern Player Marauder in Lake Placid blue for some times.


Oh yeah I love 'em. My favorite blue guitar? The 6120BS. Real close second is a quilted maple blue LP. I don't own one but I do want one.


Here's my Dano Pro 56 on holiday in Cumbria. I changed the pickguard and added the side tape.


I've got this "firemist silver" Jazz that's awesome :


And as far as signatures go, there's our "gretsch amateur" friend's epi :


I'm sure I've got 10-15 around here.


I have a 1967 Ice Blue Metallic Tele. The blue turned to green because the Nitro clear covering the blue turned yellow.


Daniel wins.

– knavel

Ha ha, thank you. Is it because it's a guitar that it looks great despite it being blue originally?.... ; )


I have a Gretsch 5420T in Ice Blue Metal Flake:

and a turquoise Epiphone Casino:

I used to have a blue quilt Dillion DR-500, but sold it a couple of years ago when I was short on cash. Since I had two others in green and purple, and had got the blue one stupid cheap, I wasn't too upset about it.

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