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who knows about neck re-radius-ing


Well I am eaten up with these old 22.5" Duo Sonic maple necks.but I don't like the 7.5 radius scene -- didn't bother me last century. Can one be re radius to 9.5 or 10, whatever is on my Mexi 24" scale one?

Of course there's the crime of Vintage Fender Guitar Desecration. I have an original one that needs refretting anyway. But maybe best wait until a fully hacked one... bad refin, bad frets, decal gone etc. comes along. Then pick it uip cheap and get the work done.

The only other 22.5 or 22.75 maple Fender necks I know of was 90s Mexi Duo Sonic... those are just nothing I want to sink hundreds into.


I had my '57 RI Strat neck compound-radiused back in the last century, so I know it can be done.I was originally just going to have it refretted, but in the conversation, the radius issue came up--I'm not a fan of 7 1/4 either-- and it took about two seconds to buy in on it. Been REAL happy with the results!


I've re-radiused several Fender necks from 7.25" to 9.5" and it's pretty simple.

My method is to take the neck and tuners off the guitar and the frets out of the neck - obviously - and establish a centre line from headstock to heel. Put masking tape on the guitar to mark the centre points at each end.

Use a full length radius block with your choice of abrasive paper attached by double sided tape. Having a full length block ensures that the abrasive is in contact with the entire fretboard at all times.

Using short blocks makes it more likely you'll end up over sanding around the half way point of the fretboard - effectively sanding relief into the neck, or indeed an up bow if the trussrod can't correct it.

On a flat piece of ply or MDF, I draw a straight line and then a parallel line on each side of the first line that correspond to the width of my radius block. Straight edged lengths of wood are then glued/screwed down along the outer lines.

These are the guides for the radius block to prevent it from twisting or rocking, so they need to be sufficiently tall.

With the trussrod adjusted so the neck is as flat as possible, I apply masking tape to the back of the headstock and heel and then double sided tape onto the masking tape.

Remember the centre lines on the headstock and heel? Well, use those to align the neck with the centre line between the block guides as you're sticking it down. Your neck will then be dead centre and square with the guides.

Start sanding. It takes some time but you should end up with a perfectly flat and radiused board.

Periodically vacuum the dust away from the sanding area and off the abrasive paper. And change the paper if you feel it's lost its abrasiveness.

Wear a mask - especially if you're sanding rosewood.

I wouldn't advise doing this with Fender necks that have veneer boards.

Also be aware that you may need to deepen the fret slots after sanding otherwise the new fret wire may not seat properly.


Here's a Gretsch fretboard after I've sanded it - but still fixed onto my radius jig with the block guides on both sides and the centre line clearly visible.


And the same radius block will level your frets.


i keep on telling you that Squier Mini Strat necks work as 22.5 Duo Sonic necks...don't you listen?


see, here's a parts-o-sonic i bought off Reverb a couple of years ago. you can tell it's a Mini Strat neck because the filled screw hole for the second string tree is visible.


i keep on telling you that Squier Mini Strat necks work as 22.5 Duo Sonic necks...don't you listen?

– macphisto

Just aiming higher than a $99 guitar. Thought the 90s Duo Sonic 22.75 was dogs**t. Mini STrat finally has a maple one. I may be chastened man, etc. But just not dumping a $400 fret job on onto a $100 neck


the Mini Strat necks are 9.5" radius, so you wouldn't need to re-radius. i'm just trying to save you money and time. after all, a maple neck is more or less a maple neck...why spend for vintage necks if you don't have to?


after spending far too long setting up my Strat with its vintage 1956 spec CIJ neck in the last couple of days, i sympathize entirely with you regarding 7.5" radius necks.


hell, you're DC Birdman...if you're in the DC area, i live in Charlottesville and i'd be happy to bring it over some weekend so you could check it out.


Well that is an idea... also I pass thru there (sort of) as my sister lives in Farmville.

I had just though that with

rosewood board lo-frets satin finish

that's 3 strikes. But it appears some recent ones are maple board. At least that's a start so maybe I should investigate. Gotta say I love the 24" scale maple Mexi Duo Sonic that now has

gloss finish BIG frets plek job

is great.

so the beat goes on. Looks like I have a buyer for the really nice '57 Musicmaster neck, so some $$ could be available.

Another thing (will take a while) is find a hacked vintage one... bad refin/worn frets/no decal. That I would have no prob totally redoing.

BTW -- it's lost to history,but although I am 4 miles from DC line the name

DC BirdMan came from when I joined in 06 I was EATEN UP with double cut Jet Firebirds

so DC - double cut, Bird= is jet Firebird.

and that is the honest truth/full story on that,.

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