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who can ID this bass make/model ?


Posted this vid last week cause it's a just badass song, but now wanted to know what bass guy (I think Bob Glaub) is using. Sure it looks like a Music Man or G&L, but what got me was the single pickup that is in bridge position.... I don't think I have seen that. I think he has Lakland endorsement model. This here is 20 years ago.

Lots of basses look like this of course. There are some other shots in the vid later on.


Music Man Stingray is my guess. I'm thinking pre Ernie Ball, based on bridge, mutes, string tree, and pickup placement.


Hey thanks -- since it appears they have a maple board option, I'm checkin it all out. Cause maple boards are All That Matter, even on my Rickenbacker basses.

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