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What Strings Do You Have On Your 12 String???


There have been a few discussions on strings but I don’t think one specifically on 12 string guitars. I’m curious about the 12 string electric but you can mention acoustic too.

I have a Japanese 12 string electric hollow body that I bought off eBay circa 2002. I never changed the strings. Oh this is a 1960s or early 70s I think. Orlando it’s called. I may be wrong but I suspect Yamaha has something to do with this.

I’m debating on either flats or rounds but not sure. Still must think about this.



D'Addarios on both my Ric and my Takamines... No flats.


I use D'addario roundwounds on my electric and acoustic 12 strings. both are 10-48 (I think 48). I used to use 11s, like I use on my 6 string electrics, but the tension was too much for the necks. Flatwounds might sound cool though!


I use Pyramid flats on my Gretsch 5422-12 and Elixers on my Larrivee LV03-12. Both are long lasting and don't get changed often.


Pyramid flats on my '67 335 . Really like how it sounds,nice note definition without the harpsichord ring.


I usually avoid 9s, but on 12 strings I use that gauge in Ernie Ball. I also reverse the octave strings, Rickenbacker style.


Thomastik-Infelds flatwounds on my Rick 360-12v64 - the custom set sold by Pick of the Ricks.

Elixer Nanoweb lights (I think the only gauge they sell) on my 1971 Guild F-412


Currently on my Rickenbacker 360/12V64 are a custom made up set of Ernie Ball; 10-13-20w-26-34-42



On my Martin D12-35 I've been using D'Add 80/20 coated EXP36, and adding a .022 wound octave on the 5th/A pair.

I'm going to try 9's as I just brought the saddle down some, less tension might give me a little more break angle on the rear bridge pin line of holes. Those 9's are D'Add EJ41 phosphor bronze.


At one time years ago I was going to change the strings and was doing research and found out Rics are strung with the heavier gauges in the pairs reversed. On my 12 it came the standard way but of course mine is not a Ric.

I couldn’t find any information why they are reversed and what happens if you string a Ric the standard way in terms of tone and performance.

Anyone know?


Here’s a good video a chap made to demonstrate the sounds of both flatwounds and rounds on a Ric 12.


Rica sound so cool. I believe from the sound of it that this lad has flats on his. He’s playing The Smiths “William It Was Really Nothing”

Not sure what Marr used on it but this cover sounds great.

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