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what is a good electric 12


Well I have posted about want to find an RI 335-12 from 2013, but there aren’t any right now except on in Europe, w non original case and $350 shipping over here. So will have to wait this out until ones comes up in US.

So I do have a need for something pretty fast as a stand in. The Rick 660-12 was great except for low frets and single coils. The Gent 12 is 1 11/16th neck which isn’t so cool. I need something better than Dano and it’s single coil anyway.

I have heard good things about this Rimini 12 w/ minibuckers, and some say it is 1 3 /4 neck? Are there any other Korean / Japanese things I might want to check out?


Yup, the 5422-12 is a great choice, as is the Rimini 12. According to an ad I saw for the Rimini, the nut width is 1.8897." For the budget-conscious, Rondo Music has a couple of Agiles, the one that looks like a Les Paul has a 1.78" nut, the more Rick-ish-looking one is 1-3/4". My personal favorite is the Carvin AE-185-12, and if money is no object, the Fender Electric XII is the greatest electric 12-string ever made (IMHO).

Oh yeah, the Reverend Airwave is no slouch, a very nice 12-er. Just noticed someone mentioned the Hagstrom. Also a good choice, remarkably jangly, even with humbuckers.


My Astro -12

Meaty. Beaty. Big, & Bouncy.


Dang if the Rimini 12 is over 1 3/4 width, I'm getting one asap. I wonder if t he P 90 version w/ cool finish could have the minibuckers dropped in?

But cool to see all the stuff that is out there.


That looks nice, but i'll bet it has a real neck dive problem. hell, a 6-string SG neck-dives.


I had a Hagstrom F-12S years ago and really liked it:

The nut width isn't 1 3/4" but it's a respectable 1 11/16" wide. I remember it as being quite easy to play and as bright and jangly as you could want.


We have about four songs in our set list where an electric 12-string, while not essential, adds a little something. A Ric was out of the question, so I ended up with one of these — a sort of Jazzmaster 12 by Revelation. The design is by Alan Entwistle and the P90 pickups are his specification too. It cost UK £230, which at the moment is about US $280.

The normal Fender Jazzmaster rhythm circuit is omitted — in its place is a six-way rotary tone selector, a bit like a Varitone. The neck and action on this thing are pretty good and it's nothing like as skinny as a Ric. There is also a vibrato but I don't use it — 12 strings and a wiggle stick sound like a recipe for disaster to me.


I've been swearing by Rics (currently my 370/12 is king) for a while now, but if pressed, I will humbly admit that a certain Fender Coronado 12 stole my heart about forty years ago, and I should never have let her go..

If you can find one in decent shape, they have a unique sound.


I tried a vintage Guild thin body years ago and really liked the sound and action. Can't remember the name but the price was reasonable. Stay away from anything vintage called a "Lyle."


I tried a vintage Guild thin body years ago and really liked the sound and action. Can't remember the name but the price was reasonable. Stay away from anything vintage called a "Lyle."

– lx

Oh dear. I had one of those Lyle 12 strings (335 shape and completely hollow). I ended up putting a 70's bolt-on epiphone neck on it and some Gibson mini-hums. It actually was pretty good after that, the epiphone neck being a great surprise.

In retrospect, I should have saved my money for something more reliable from the start. In the end, all that was Lyle about it was the body and that little Pickguard thing for the strat style switch.

Unless you want a project and a gamble, don't go for Lyle or anything that resembles one.


If you can find the Squire Venus 12 string cheap, you'll have got yourself a big, big, bang for the buck deal.


Not super cheap, but the old Hamer Eclipse 12 has got a lot of chime with the firebird pickups, especially if you replace the bridge pickup with a bit more vintage wind.


The reissue Burns Double Sixes have a very wide fretboard and sound great. Little bit on the heavy side but if you want wide spacing, you can't do better


I got to play an original double six a while back it was very cool indeed.


I like that Burns. Would love to try one. My favs after Rickenbacker are a 60s Fender Electric XII and my beloved Vox Starstream XII.


Epiphone Elitist Riviera 12-string. Gibson quality at a much lower price.


Personally, I have a Ric Tom Petty model 12 String, and I love it ! It has a wider width at the nut, and that really helps the neck situation for me.

Also....Lloyd Cole is currently playing on of the Eastwood Classic 12's in his live shows.....if it is good enough for Lloyd, it would likely cover any bases I would ever need....and, it is relatively inexpensive ($549 USD).......(not sure if Lloyd's has been "modded" though).

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