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What Guitar Is Chet Playing In This Video?


I'd like to know which Gibson acoustic Chet is playing here. Thanks for any info.



Thanks Paolo! I really like the lighter sunburst finish on the one Chet is playing. The only sunburst Gibsons I've seen in person have all had a heavy darker sunburst. Not a fan. I'm going to keep an eye open for a J30 like this. Thanks again!

For grins here's a pic of my 70s Epiphone 12 string with a similar looking finish.


Wow! That's nice. How does she sound?


The Epi? Nothing fancy. Has a very slim bolt on neck. The action has always been nice and low. Great for practicing my electric parts anywhere & everywhere. I've kept it strung up as a six (10 to 46 gauge) for the past 40 years. Probably the only reason the neck hasn't bowed or broke at the block like so many of these have.


I do not really like the sunburst finish either (except on my L5). A few years ago I was lucky enough to find a j45 (from 1991) natural, very rare because normally almost all sunburts.

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