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What do you look for in an acoustic 12-string?


I am partial to Guilds but not exclusive and a little lucky as I love 12 strings. I mostly look for:

  1. Projection that is melodic and up front.
  2. Note/string articulation. Need to be able to clearly hear each on its own merit.
  3. Neck comfort. For me wider is better. My GADg212 plays acceptably but sounds fantastic. My Seagull Coastal has a softer sound and although it does not project as much aaaaas I prefer it has a very comfortable nut width of 1.9".

Body size does not matter.


Look for the Guild logo on the headstock.

– wabash slim

Amen! Especially Jumbo 12's...specifically the F512 (a choir all by itself!)...or F412 if you have to have maple.


My #1 12-string for two decades plus.

Needs a battery right now, and some would say a refret, but she's been absolutely bulletproof through more than 2,000 gigs, now.


My favorite at the moment (as well as for the last 12 years) is this Larrivee LV-03-12. It has a 1 3/4" width at the nut which accommodates my fat fingers nicely. Beautiful clear tone and like all Larrivees it is well balanced across the spectrum. Biggest problem with Larrivees is that it is hard to find them to try.

Nothing wrong with Guilds tho'. They are the preferred 12 string by many for a reason.


Not to derail the thread,but I'd like opinions and/or experiences of changing an acoustic 12 to Rickenbacker style stringing. I have a Yamaha that needs a setup and I was thinking of doing the ric thing while I had it done.

– Twom

I had that done to a Guild D25-12, when it needed a neck reset.

Didn't add much expense (mostly for a new nut, I think; maybe the saddle was changed at the same time?), and I prefer the way it now sounds. Your thumb or pick first hits the larger-diameter string of each pair when strumming downward, and I think the guitar now sounds bigger/warmer (although I have to admit that the new neck angle might also have improved the tone).


Lots of great input. Thanks!

There's a used Guild JF30-BL in a local store. Anyone ever had one of these?

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