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We all know citrus is best!


Here’s Sorrie’s (perhaps ex) Duo Sonic.


That is stunning Dave, made all the better because it was the first AND Chet’s own instrument—Is this your favorite Guitar if you had to choose?

– 949Norm

Hey Norm. No, it isn't my favorite Gretsch but it is very special. My favorite is my Super Chet as much for its looks as for the upgrades I had done to it. And of course the wider fingerboard that the Axe [oddly] doesn't have. Chet had a hand in the design of both models so they have that in common. The Axe is sort of a sentimental favorite but I do play it once a week and it's in a stand in my living room so along with 5 other guitars in the room, I see it all the time.

If you recall, one of the two prototype Country Gents was up for sale recently for $75K! (Ed owns the other one). As far as I know, Chet didn't play it too much & I don't recall seeing a pic of him performing with it. The Super Axe prototype I have was given to Chet and he occasionally performed with it for a couple of years so to me, that has more value and sentiment. To have a guitar owned and used by Chet is special to me, and I didn't need a mortgage to buy it!

To be honest, I'd have a real dilemma if I had a fire and could only leave with one guitar!


Rumor is that playing this guitar will prevent you from getting scurvy.


Excellent extrapolation, Rob. Mine has kept scurvy at bay since I got it.

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