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Wasn’t someone looking for a Deke Dickerson Hallmark?


Yeah I saw that (actually, I saw that a few weeks ago when CME first posted it on their Instagram account). They also have 1 of the Deke Dickerson #2 signature models in stock.

I once saw a rare natural DD V.1 model. Wish I bought it back then.


That natural one looks like a spruce top rather than a figured maple one. Reminds me of one of these, but I think that's the point.


I am so bummed I didn't snag one when the getting was good. Put off by the weight a little. Very sharp ride.


The Hallmark Deke 1's really hold their value. I'm thinking about a Deke 2 the next time I have some guitar $$$$.


Got one for my birthday. VEEEEEEEEEEEERY nice guitar. Lighter than my Deke 1, and plays like a dream.


Did someone say Deke?

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