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Washburn HB35


Any of you have or played a Washburn HB35 or have some sort of opinion on this guitar?

I played one in Eugene, Oregon at Musicians Friend when they had stores before GC bought them out. This was about 1998. I thought it was a good guitar but haven't tried one since.

For an ES-335 like guitar what are your thoughts on it. Here is a demo on YouTube. There are lots but I am curious your thoughts on it. I don't understand this guy but I understand the playing and sound.


Another couple of vids. Thanks for your input on this.


Washburn, Ibanez and Yamaha have been putting out a pretty decent product, for quite some time. I like em.


I agree with Suprdave. Nice guitars for a decent price.


Agreed, I liked the Korean-made ones, and I looked at a Chinese-made one at the show and it seemed on a par with older models.


It is a laminate maple top, correct? I do like it and would like to find out more about the electronics. I've had my eye on a couple Eastman center blocks; one with a 15" bout and laminate top and another with a solid male top like the Gibson 336 (which is tops on my list).

I've see mixed reviews on the Eastman......some very complimentary while others do not like the pots and wiring. But is this just the "we shouldn't like the made in China syndrome"?

I would like to try the Washburns and some other models mentioned above but will probably take a complete left turn and grab an ES LP if the price is right. Chicago Music Exchange still has some decent deals.


NJ, The one I tried was as mentioned about 20 years ago so I guess it was the Korean made one. According to giffen, he tried both and the Chinese made ones are on par with the Korean ones. That said I am pretty sure the Korean and Chinese ones would be laminated, and you are correct in believing it's maple. The one I tried was flamed. The pickups sounded really good and it was a new guitar so they were stock, not like Steve Zook (the bald guy showing off the one for sale he had) who had one with replacement pickups. The Epi Sheraton I had, a 1989 model electronics were not good. The pots didn't make unwanted noise but the pickups didn't sound that good unlike the Washburn that sounded good.

The new Chinese ones not sure about the pickups but at least the build quality is good according to giff from above. Not sure if he plugged one in but build was good.

I did try an Ibanez 335 type a few months ago. They jumped on the blue guitar craze. I thought it was a D'Angelico at first since it was blue like the Excel that is so popular but it ended up being Ibanez. That was a heck of a fine guitar. Ibanez might cost more than Washburn.

Funny thing is I'm not a humbucker fan usually. In solid bodies no don't care about them but in semi-hollows I like what I hear. I love FilterTrons in my Country Club but I believe technically that under the hood FilterTrons are actually mini-humbuckers and a different sound than Gibson style humbuckers. Plus mine is a hollowbody so that helps.


The Washburn guitars from the 90s were great. I've had a J-6 jazzbox from that series that I bought brandnew back then and only sold it for financial reasons a few years later. It was their first line since switching production from Japan to Korea.

The Epiphone Sheraton II btw has a maple neck unlike a typical 335 which could make a difference. Funnily this was the guitar I bought after the Washburn.

The best lower budget ES-335 I have owned was a Hohner SE-35.


Here's a pic of a Hohner (not mine).


sascha, that Hohner looks great. Looks almost exactly like the ES-335 dot model other than the headstock that is Hohner. Hohner makes good guitars.

So my Epiphone Sheraton II had a maple neck. I didn't know that. What is the typical ES-335 neck? Mahogany?


What is the typical ES-335 neck? Mahogany?



No, I didn’t get to plug in the one I tried recently so I can’t speak to it’s tone.

I, too, am a fan of the Hohner “Professional” series hollows and semihollows. I also had a Korean-made J-6 and a couple of J-8s. Really nice instruments for the dough.


razz, thanks for the heads up on the Peavey. How do you like it? Peavey does make good guitars so I am sure its good. The price is good too.

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