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WANTED: This Guitar


It's Japanese, about 1968-69. Red-to-black burst. Chrome pickguard. Four single-coil pickups, off-on rocker switches. Distended lower bottom bout. Last seen, Baltimore Ohio about 1971. Name on headstock remembered as "Crestwood."

Doesn't have to be this particular example: same model will do.


When I was looking on the net for examples of my first guitar a while back (didn't find it), I did come across this..

Not mine, and the pups are white-face rather than dark (black?), but is it perhaps close to what you seek?


Hah! Funny you find that one - from drowininginguitars.com. All my web searches seem to lead me back to that one. Similar horns, the name is right, the pickups are similar (not identical), and it has the string tree across the headstock. Points of similarity - but mine has obvious differences as well.

Could certainly be related. I've sent Frank Myers at drowninginguitars the pic. Maybe maybe.


I often check up on Ishibashi's U-Box looking for bargains. I can't say that I have seen that exact guitar but stuff similar turns up with some regularity. http://store.ishibashi.co.j...

The top button in blue on the menu on the left of the page is for guitars if you want to filter flutes and saxophones from your search.


Look at the treasures I have found at Ishibashi:


Hey Tim - check out the colour!


All these and more:


Hey Tim - check out the colour!

– JimmyR

Love that one. What does the rest of the guitar look like?


Thanks, Jimmy. I wasn’t aware of Ishibashi. I’ll make it part of my search protocol.


News flash! Frank Meyers at drowninginguitars has ID'd the guitar.

It's a Fujigen FVN-4, this one branded Kingston. This example has a brushed rather than polished plate, different knobs, different fret markers, and maybe a different headstock shape. But that's the guitar.

Now I know what to look for.

At my age, and given that I don't need a thing (other than an affordable healthcare plan that actually cares about my health), it's good to have something to want.


Yup, buncha great pics, thanks for that. Different pickups differently spaced, and different pickguard.

Here's one that's closer in spec - and, maddeningly, sold at a Zia's Record Store in Chandler AZ less than 6 months ago - for 249.00. Dangit! (I called.) I found it on Pinterest...

The search goes on.


Sorry Tim - should have looked closer: dot markers though...

Possibly these are all 'transitional' guitars, a bit like vintage Hofners - parts and styling were done to personal whim or whatever there was a big pile of to use up on the day - so some sort of aesthetic/detail trade-off might be required against the original.



Of course - and I suspect they were made under contract for all comers, some of whom might have made specific requests, and others of whom the builders were experimenting on.

That's the body, though, and that's most of it. As for brands, I'll have to cast a wide net: Kingston, Crestwood, and now Domino - that we know of.


This isn't the first thread about this guitar, is it?

I wish you well in your search, and thought of you when I saw this ad this morning on facebook.



This isn't the first thread about this guitar, is it?

Oh, probably not. Mind like a steel sieve.

In any case, this time it's had the effect of shaking real results loose, so no pologies.

Geoff, didn't we ALL have Hondo Less Pauls at some point?


In the interest of leaving no thread loose, I have found The Guitar.

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