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Walter Broes… Guild Lefty question


I'm starting with Walter since he's helped out on Guild topics before, but of course anyone can jump in. My question is if anyone can verify the existence of a vintage era (pre-80s) left-handed Guild specimen with a Guild-branded Bigsby? It's the vibrato that I'm most interested in.

Hans Moust, noted Guild guru has suggested that they exist, so I'm looking for visual confirmation. The closest I've come is this photo from Elliot Easton's forum site. He states it was a custom guitar made for him by Guild, so it doesn't really count... but then again, it suggests that the Guild-branded vibrato mold might exist. So my quest continues...


Does it require a separate mold or can you just install a left handed bar/handle on a regular B2?


Does it require a separate mold or can you just install a left handed bar/handle on a regular B2?

– Don Birchett

Reasonable question Don... I think it's more involved. They didn't seem to make the Gretsch V-style Bigsby units in a lefty orientation until the mid-60s, even though they made some lefty 6120, Tenny, Gents from '61-64. But I could be wrong. If it IS that easy that I would think it would be more common to find Guild-branded Bigsby lefty units from the vintage era.


Upon getting off my arse and checking an actual vibrato... the spring cup is cast onto the base, so on a left-handed unit the spring cup would need to be attached to the other side. So it's more than just an arm assembly.


That's what I get for not thinking it through. And I have two bigsby equipped guitars not more than 6-5 feet of where I typed that and was too lazy to look at them.


If Hans says they exist, they exist. He's the man - He knows everything there is to know about Guild guitars. (and not just Guild guitars, btw).

And yes, a lefty Bigsby requires a lefty mold, of course.


I have a line on one, but it is also a celebrity guitar and may have been a special order.

Did Guild Starfire and Duane Eddy models come in lefty orientation as a catalog item, or were they like Gretsch... only making them by special order?


Ok... so here's the "one" I've found. As owned by Mr. Jimi Hendrix (on auction now).


So... after months of searching for a lefty Guild-branded Bigsby, here's one. I'll feel better when someone shows me another.


Looks like Hans has a couple of them in stock on the parts section of his website : Click!!


Thanks Walter! He never mentioned this when we corresponded. A couple of these are reported as NOS. I'm still interested in finding some guitars with these factory installed! Please keep your eyes open!

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