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Vox Teardrop 1964 restoration project.


Thanks Ric. I treated myself to a compressor & a few guns. I still use the odd rattle can for convenience (cleaning the gun is a PITA) but that can get expensive.


Looks great Tony. Great work bringing an old classic back to life, and better than it ever was.


I got the pup surrounds, selector switch plate & jack-plate from Phantom guitarworks.

– tonyb

Interesting. Those look nothing like the underside of my 65-66 Vox pickups. Mine are a sealed square plastic block with two terminals sticking out the bottom for wiring. All the others have seen are like that as well which is why no one used to rewind them.

Those sure look like they had strat innards installed in the box covers.


You can kinda see the back in this shot


They came from a 60s Vox Ace guitar. Certainly not Strat pups, funny tags that the wire comes from. I had a Vox Marauder with the same pups. Vox had so many owners & factory moves, it's hard to nail down any hard facts.


Cool. I guess I am only familiar with the UK and eko built models. I had a few phantoms and fiddled with some teardrops in the 90's which all had the same units as my tornadoes.

Nice job btw. I am enjoying it


I couldn't get the saddles far enough back to be in tune, so I snipped off half the springs & all is good. I don't think I've ever done a guitar that need the saddles moving forward, always back. Good to see the saddle slots bigger on the lower strings, a nice touch that Fender didn't bother with on their offsets.


OK, done now, here's some pics.


Great job, Tony. I just watched a show where Brian Jones was playing one.


Well that's about the size of it. A very enjoyable winter project, everything went pretty smoothly. The toughest part was leveling the fingerboard/neck face with hand tools. I'd get a proper planer if I had somewhere to put it. I'll do a vid for sound samples, but to my ears it sounds like a wiry gnarley vintage Strat. Pups are low output, 5.8ish, which suits me fine, just have to get them close to the strings. Thanks for looking.


That is a great looking vibrato unit.

I mean the whole guitar looks fantastic but that is a sweet vibrato.

I understand that the laminate necks with rosewood lines were all Eko built and had zero frets. That one lacks both. Do you know if it is UK made or perhaps Crucianelli?

Very nice work


Yup, the EKO Italian ones had the laminate stripes. As far as I can tell it's UK made.


Well done, Tony!

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