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Vox Teardrop 1964 restoration project.


A mate, who has a guitar shop on Portobello road gave me this, saying he hasn't got the time & do I want to have a go at restoring it. Er, yes. A bit of a wreck but many original parts, so here goes.


Hacked out for a humbucker, oh well.


I wanted to keep the original finish but no chance. Sooo many holes & I had to block off the pup area & re-rout. Let's start with the neck. I'm sure these had the truss rod adjustment at the heel end but it looks like someone has hacked it out & changed it to the head end.


I can't really fix that, so I'll stick with it & cover it with a T.R.C. The fret job was terrible & gaps between the 'board & neck, so, off with the 'board.


The 11th fret was cut so deep, the 'board came off in two sections, hah. A good clean up & level off so it goes back on flat.


It's tough to date these 60s Vox guitars, so many different owners & factory moves, Italian (Eko) parts, sometimes necks. As far as I can tell it's UK built & were called Phantom Mklll, but everyone called em teardrops, so Vox started calling them Teardrop MkVI. Original parts; trem, bridge, tuners, pots, knobs, cap. OP jack. I need to source; pups & surrounds, selector switch & plate, jack-plate, back-plate, TRC & 'guard. Original guards were chromed metal, beyond me, I'll make a 3 ply black one.


The headstock face was tastefully decorated with a purple marker pen & glitter spray. So I had to sand back to wood & lacquer, matching the back & sides as best I could.


All levelled up so the 'board can go back on.


Clean up the fret slots.


This is actually my first re-fret, not too hard.


I'll give it a fret dress whilst it's on the bench.


Put new side dot markers in & pretty much done with the neck.


Excellent! Another TonyB restoration.

Looking forward to seeing this one come together mate


I've always liked these guitars. I will be interested in seeing the progress on this one, Tony.


Hi H, we always seem to be doing similar projects at the same time. Don't tell me you've got a Vox as well. Sorry about last weekend, those tight decisions always seem to go against England, nice to get one going for us at last.


The better team won Tony, no complaints from me and congratulations on a good win.

Not doing a Vox so very curious to see this one pan out.



The guitar will survive! I always wondered if UK Vox guitar production continued when they Eko Italian ones began, (just as the UK amps continued when the US Thomas Vox amps began)

The '66 Thomas Vox foldout shows over 30 Italian made Eko Vox models!


Are you using the same pickups or moving on to something else? The neck pickup you have there looks like a Bill Lawrence BL-15. Nice save, and good luck on the rebuild!


Hi Slim, good spot on the Bill Lawrence pup. I did a post here to identify this pup. Same pup on Steve Marriot's Tele & Mike Oldfield's Tele he used on Tubular Bells. Now sold. I sourced a pair of original mid 60s pups, pretty much like Strat pups, with lowish output.


I've had a pair of those BL-15s for nearly 50 years. Took 45 years to find out what the actually were. Best 20 quid I ever spent. Very P-90-ish. They'll likely wind up in my Pro Jet.


Great seeing one of your restorations again Tony! I can't wait to see it when it's done!


You could get a sheet of, say 1.5mm stainless steel to make the pickguard, rather than having brass or whatever chromed. Should come with a plastic sheet on the 'display' side, which will look as near to chrome as you would want when removed.

That truss-rod nut and slot make me wince every time. Does the nut function properly, and can you turn it to adjust the neck?



Hi H59, well the truss rod nut was so long it stood proud of the headstock facing. I cut it down, as it was far too long. Works fine. Regarding the nut, I suspect it had a zero fret originally, I had to cut a rosewood shim to fill a small gap. I don't think the nut is original, but it looks old, so I stuck with it.


Cut down truss rod nut & decal done.


I wanted it as close to Brian Jones spec, within reason, so I went for 2 pups. Middle pups just get in the way. I needed to rout out a swimming pool, block it off & re-rout for proper pups.

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