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Value of a 90s American Strat?


I have a 1990s model USA made Fender Stratocaster. I'ts that cream color with a tortoise shell pick-guard and has a maple fretboard (with Fender case). It's been played very little.

I have probably less than 2 hours playing time on it over the last 20 years and I'm considering selling it and picking up a second Gretsch.

What do you think a value range for this might be? On CL (Dallas, Texas) they seem to list anywhere from $600-1100+. On Ebay they seem to sell over $1,000.

It's a standard Strat, nothing fancy about it (and nothing wrong with it).

Any pricing guidance from you Strat guys?


Pix helps. There are no shortage of Strat enthusiasts (even here on a Gretsch group) but I am not one (at least now). But I would think around $1000 is right. Condition is everything and your must be really clean.


Around here, 800-850 is a decent price. Last one I saw for 650 went fast.


Thanks guys, I'll post some photos this weekend. Back in the day a Strat was made in USA or Japan and there wasn't a million variations, so you knew what a clean used one was worth. Back in THAT day I knew the value but a few decades later and eleventy million variations I am completely out of the loop.

Ok, photos to come! Cheers!


On ebay average is about 850. In the real world I see them sit around for anything over 600. I've gotten to the point in my shop that I won't even take an American one on trade because they just don't sell in my area at all. Too many other new options in that price range.

That said, craigslist or forums may be the way to go. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a cool trade offer.


What Charlie said; CL is probably your best bet, $600 for a fast sale, $800-850 if your willing to wait.


What Charlie said; CL is probably your best bet, $600 for a fast sale, $800-850 if your willing to wait.

– Rhythmisking

I also agree. Maybe $1000 if in perfect condition and if you are very patient. There are some very fairly priced new Strats from Fender so the market is wide open. I'm seriously considering the Hendrix model which sells for around $850.


The current market price is the only way to tell you what something is worth. Reverb posts asking and actual selling prices and tracks them over time. Here is the market for a Fender American Strats.


That's good info. Can you access that from the App?


Yes, how do you get that info and graph from the Reverb app?


Not available on the app. Go to the website and click the menu button and choose Price Guide.


Ok first of all sorry for the crappy photos, I'm actually a photographer and have great lighting and tripod and good lenses, when I go to sell it I'll quality photos. I wanted to just put up something to show you guys for the moment.

On the back of the headstock the dark vertical brown lines are the wood grain, look near the far tuning peg and you'll see a horizontal scratch. That is the only scratch that penetrates the finish in any way on the guitar.

Look at the back of the body, I must have been wearing a belt when I played it because it's got lots of marks but none penetrate the finish, none of the paint is missing.

The rest of the guitar is flawless, not scratches or dents or corrosion. It's a super clean 20 year old guitar.

And yeah I know I have lots of competition with what players can buy new, and also used Strats. Things is I'm hoping to get $800 (with a like new case) otherwise it won't make sense to sell it.

I hope I can sell it through CL where someone can play it before they decide.

Anyhow, it's not as yellow as it looks in the photos, the light in that room is red (yellow) (versus blue/white) so the white balance and color are a little off.

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