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Value of 1987 Japan Fender Squier Strat?


What do you think the value of this guitar is? I changed the electronics to GFS blues pickups. Clear covers with blue wire. Looks cool and sounds good. One ply pickguard for 50s style. Changed to CTS pots and cloth wiring. Pickup selector change. Scratches on paint. Chips due to being old and previous owner did that. Great guitar otherwise.



A lot on ebay for 350-450. Some higher priced ones too but they’re not moving.


I sold mine (tobacco burst) for about $180 about six months ago. A little road wear, otherwise probably 8/10 condition, it was bone stock and did not have a hardshell case, though. Asked $250 but in our local market, it wasn't moving.


Thanks Pow and Kevin. It’s a good one and the upgrades are good but I don’t need it. I may put it up on consignment at Caveman Music in LA.


It sold on Reverb for $400. No counter offers, just a straight $400 plus $50 shipping.


They’re great guitars. I wish I had more MIJ Teles.


Maybe I should've put mine up on Reverb.. oh well. Water under the bridge.

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