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Unpopular guitar, right now?


Hey all, we all know those stories of guitars that go in an out of favor with players. The Les Paul is pretty famous for making a huge comeback in the late 80's after a long dry spell. The 80's superstrat with a lock trem was super popular then equally unpopular in the 90s. Gretsch and it's models have certainly had ups and downs.

I'm just curious if there is anything out now that was popular at one point, and now is currenty going for next to nothing at pawn shops. Something that is primed for a big comeback a la Jaguar style with Nirvana kind of way... You know, all it would take is one artist to pick one up, then they start selling like hotcakes. Any ideas, because I cant think of any off the top of my head.


seems to me once a quality guitar falls from favor it somehow becomes a collectable , heck everything these days someone thinks its a collectable , for years you didnt see vox ac30's on stage , now all these young kids are using them


Big Fender amps are a relatively good buy right now. Everyone (and for good reason, mostly) is on the Deluxe/PPrinceton trail right now. Twins and Pros, and to a lesser extent Supers, are priced at or below the price for their smaller stablemates.


It's really hard to predict what guitar the next hot band might pick up and make popular.

Pointy guitars have fallen somewhat out of favor, but I kind of hope that stays that way.

As for Forst Act, if Paul Westerberg signature models can't sell (even with a plaid pick guard), I see little in their future.

I just picked up a Dano - I could see an Indie band playing one, but that probably won't drive their popularity.

It seems like PRS guitars have fallen a bit out of favor- prices on McCarty's have dropped. That could be an opportunity for long-term value. But it's a crapshoot and there are a thousand better investments than trying to pick an undervalued guitar.


jackson soloist

any of the 80's pointy guitars

big fender amps are cheap cause they are too heavy for the old timers who own them...i'd use a mustang digital amp before i'd load an old 2-15 fender cab...haha



+1 80's pointy guitars. They will come back.....sometime!


those 80' pointy guitars were huge when i was in high school a few years ago. i picked up some jacksons and bc riches. i still love them but my hollowbodies get more action now. i know that in the metal scene what is popluar is to have a black strat shaped guitar with over the top binding (abalone) and no tremolo.


Yep I was thinking of Jacksons, BC Rich, Flying V's anything Randy Rhodes-like (pardon spelling) but of course top quality models. Maybe even some Ibanez ones? I reckon they'll come back (even if only for a short time) because they're striking.....


Maybe Gibson Explorers.

For acoustics though, I think parlor guitars. If marketing is recognition of demand then I have to says parlors.....especially last 1-2 years.


Don't see a lot of Hamers these days.


Anything in revolting neon from the eyeliner and spandex years!

8-o !#$@% 8-o


funny, in leu of this thread i delved in to the world of ESP. seems to be going strong, they still have "artist",rabid fan base. their form site reminds me of the GDP 17 years ago.shows what i know.... :P



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– crowbone

This is the happiest hybrid!


I'm thinking Mosrites, Teisco's perhaps too? With all the polished, processed tiptop studio sound releases I think people will get blown away by something much more raw and unconventional, and an ET460 or Mosrite copy could pull that off in looks and sound.

BTW? is it me or has the price for these spring reverb units gone skyrocket lately? Now even those obscure 70's solid state reverb units go for 400 bucks or more on the bay. What gives?


I have been buying up HH gear , one day with all the clips on YouTube people are going to notice those green glowing things that so many players were plugged into in the 70s . On the guitar front the only non copy vintage guitars that a cheap right now are Hayman and Shergold with the possible exception of the six string ( Blue Monday ) bass .


Yamaha SGs, Hamer Sunbursts. Quality guitars that are well out of the limelight at present.


It's called "synthesizers". There aint no guitars in todays music.


B.C. Rich guitars rawk, as do Deans, minus the V headstock, and no one can deny the greatness of the Ibanez Destroyer! Metal guitars kick serious tail, and will always be valuable. Although I wouldn't mind seeing them show up in pawn shops for $200!



Those goofy looking Parker guitars seem to not be seen so much anymore. I've heard they are great players, but the shape always looked odd to me. http://www.edroman.com/guit...


jACOBACCI GUITARS. During the late fifties and early sixties it was impossible in France to find a US guitar like Gretsch or Fender. French luthiers named Jacobacci try to recreate the look of the Fender with their Ohio model. This one comin' very popular in France most of the french rock 'n' roll bands played on it and of coure the french Presley "Johnny Hallyday". Most of theses guitars were destroyed or lost when the US guitars will be avaible in France. Now they are really cult and expensive. If you need one of them you must payed about 5000 €. The jacobacci brothers made excellent jazz guitars from the fifties to the nineties. http://lesguitaresjacobacci...

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