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Unexpected freebie


A co-worker told me she had a guitar that she wanted to give me, one that had been hanging around her house for about 10 years. I was expecting a junker but a pretty nice Squier 51 showed up. Not an expensive guitar and a little dirty, it’s actually pretty cool. Super slick maple neck and zero fret wear.

Million dollar guitar stand not included.


Those little Squiers are great fun.


Now that is cool. Nick Curran used to make one of those absolutely howl.


I love those Squier 51s. People have fun modding them.


Congrats... That's a great little freebie guitar.

I still gig with mine on occasion.


Those that give sometimes get a bone, very nice!


Cool! Very nice of her to give that to you! Enjoy!


Posed next to the worlds largest E-Bow.


Posed next to the worlds largest E-Bow.

– Suprdave

Different technology, but that’s an interesting idea. Probably not enough steel on the guitar to make it a missile but it would surely make the strings vibrate. The guitar stand is a CAT Scanner not an MRI.


If MRI that guitar would be instantly sucked into the hole. (Couldn't possibly be good for the pickups!)


Ha! My mistake. Hey, I sell car parts for a living. I knew I was close.

I do understand that that much magnetic power, if it were an MRI, would be catastrophic for a guitar.


Good things to good people. You’ve done your share of donating. Congrats


The Squier 51 is probably the best inexpensive modding platform guitar ever. I have the "mustard" version. Tone pot and toggle switch added, HB sized bridge P90, short Wilkinson Tele bridge (notched) and a Bigsby B50. Everytime I play it I'm shocked: It does everything I need. It stays in the rehearsing studio.


A little corrosion but zero fret wear. It’s a 2005, so one of the first generations.


Have a few Custom Shop knobs lying around.


Very cool! Squier 51s have a cult following for a good reason - they're great guitars, and even better, when modded.


I remember when they were getting blown out at $99. Wish I got a black one then!


Well, you have re-ignited my GAS for one of these that started when I just barely missed out on the Guitar Center blowout. So, last night I found one on Reverb for $200. We’ll see how much fun I can have for 200 clams.


Got one for $99 quite awhile back. Although everything about it is as close to zero-budget as makes no difference, once some rather pernicious fret-sprout got addressed, it plays and sounds excellent!


Looks like a very cool guitar Ethan. Looking forward to seeing you play it at the next Roundup.


Nice freebie guitar Powdog! I'd take one any day of the week. It amazes me that there are professionals gigging and playing concerts with Squire guitars. It says a lot about the usability of these remarkable instruments. I'd like to have one so I don't have to take my expensive Strat out. I'd maybe swap out the pickups, but I'd have a listen to the stock pickups first and hear how they sound. There's something oddly alluring about performing with a stock inexpensive guitar, and pulling it off.


Awesome little guitars.


Awesome little guitars.

– Mr Tubs

That one is awesome, Mr. Tubs!

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