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TVJ time


Well Pickguardian is making 1 of the 3 guards for this in TVJ-tron style. Gotta pick something


Nice looking project instrument you got going there DC. I am currently deeply in love with the Supertron. Perfect all-rounder, though it may or may not be as aggressive sounding as you are looking for. Depends a little on the intended use of this project I guess...


Super'tron neck + Classic Plus bridge?


Back when I had vintage Gretsch -- I did like the Supertron. I like some twang -- been a long time since I had Grestch style pickups but this project should be done in a month or two -- for all to see. Other guards will be my standard Stratbucker neck and Gibson covered bucker for bridge. Other will be 2 Stratbuckers.. .I do like that Duncan Lil 59.

Single coils are a dead issue around here, but were the hot lick for almost 25 years, so I have been there on that scene

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