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TV Jones Spectra-Sonic Supreme


Red-headed step-child or Gretsch re-visited and updated? Discuss.

Bridge looks funky but brass is nice, probably adds some spank.

Personally, I like the looks and Tom is a perfectionist.

On the fence about one of these or another Duo-Jet (‘59 Vintage Edition) for a bit more money.


Get the SS. They are great. I had one that I gave up in a trade for Custom Shop Jet. I wish I could have both.


Bought one a few months back. Set up by Tom himself who answered the phone when I inquired about shipment. Best set up I’ve ever enjoyed.


I got one a few years back for a "can't believe it" price on a used one via Guitar Center's LA store. It's a fantastic instrument. I'm a big fan!


Never played one but never heard a bad thing about them.


Very special guitars - certainly as nice as any FilterTron "solidbody" (the Spectra is chambered) you can find from any maker. It has a little different vibe from a Jet, a little more luxury liner.

Also, the magic is in the perfect integration of details. The wood, the mass, the chambering, the pickups all work together for a rich, open, even tone and response across all ranges. The down-bar on the Bigsby is far enough from the bridge to make for a shallow enough break angle for both even, comfortable string tension and sweet Bigsby action. The very simple wiring harness is exceptional, with the most smoothly and evenly effective tone control I've ever experienced on a guitar with dual-coil pickups.

It's not that it's the dressiest, flashiest, most heavily laden with bells and whistles. It's more the smooth and inherently musical harmony of perfectly honed details, the elegance of sufficiency.

Just a superb musical instrument.


Thanks everyone, I think I am sold on the TV Jones.


Wish I had one, is all that I can add.


GDPer Mainsoda (who hasn't been active on the GDP in some time), has the Gretsch version of the Spectrasonic. I saw him playing it in a band he was in few years ago, through a Mesa Boogie setup - a fantastic sounding guitar! It was like Ty Taybor's King's X guitar tone on steroids.


You can't go wrong with one of these. Used to have one of Tom's hand-built examples (this was pre-Gretsch), and all I can tell you is I wish I could have it back.


Yeah, too late. Tom is making mine and it should ship today with the following: (TV) Classic - Neck / Classic Plus - Bridge.


I played a one of these once at the Guitar Center in Hollywood who was selling a used model and was amazed at how great it felt and sounded acoustically. I didn't plug it in but I'm sure I would have loved the tone. If I had the $ I would have bought it without even plugging it in.


Yep, Tom was building it yesterday!


Just to be clear, these are made at the Terada factory In small batches along with other Gretsches. Tom sets up each one to the customers specs though. Tom’s set ups are the best. That’s why Brian Setzer sends ALL his guitars to Tom when new and before a tour. Tom spent a couple of hours setting up my 6228 last December. He did a human Plek job on it! He watched me play and then adjusted the neck different ways asking what I preferred. Anyway, Spectrasonics are great guitars and have their own unique sound and vibe.


It landed!

Perfect, right out of the box. I love this guitar (Classic neck / Classic Plus Bridge. Very sweet tone, perfect (low) setup.


Absolutely stunning guitar! Congratulations!


I still like my ‘53 Duo Jet w/ TV Jones T-Armonds for the cleaner stuff through my Bassman but man, this really nails it through the AC30. Incredible!


A match made in heaven. I knew it would be and feel vindicated.


Sweet! Looks like she's wearing a red tux! So nice!


This one popped up today. Wish I had the coin to pull the trigger


Mine looks like a West Texas cowgirl/stripper in a roadhouse but I love the scarlet. The muse works for me. Such a great guitar. I named her "Candy" (lol).

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