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trolling for an EB-O


That 's right -- Gibson EB-O bass, at one time one of the most popular basses out there .. now thought of as For-Dorks-Only basses. But as a full on dork I say they are cool .. even early ones (starting w/ SG body in '62) are quite reasonable except for the ones w/ built in fuzz. Mudbuckers are all that matter.

Yeah, I had P-bass #0186, an original owner '56 sunburst, an under the bed '69 Telecaster bass, etc. Yawn.... glad they're gone..

So could be clean, or a basket case needing an outrageous finish, etc. We'll see and of course will keep you informed


Just outa curiosity, which EB-0........the early LP Junior style or the SG style ??

I’ve never thought of EB-0 basses, or any other Gibson basses for that matter, as ‘For Dorks Only’........just different. I like the short-scale/ Mudbucker combo the best, like the EB-3 copy I have at the mo. Also a soft spot for Rippers, Grabbers and the Victory, although that thing was heavier than a Peavey T-40 !!


Ahh then I am not alone in liking them.

The LP jr EB-O are expensive, later 60s SG body are reasonable.

A quick look at Reverb shows some sellers have unrealistic ideas of what their Gibson basses are worth tho --- original EB-1, LP Jr EB-O, original reverse and non reverse T Birds... I have a line on one or two EB-O locally.

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