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trolling for a 2nd one


Well this 3/4 size Melody Maker has turned out so well for My Ancient Self, that I am trolling for a 2nd one. I am still in situations where a backup is needed and altho I am wary about accumulating guitars, I can't be down to just one.

I'm set for a double cut (most common) so next could be the earlier single cut, or the last iteration in SG body but 3/4 SG/MM are far less common.

Still gotta sell off some other ones to make it happen, but this is the New Direction for the New Year.


I’m glad you’ve found your perfect guitar that you can be faithful to. I hope that I can find myself in a place where I can be less of a guitar slut. Right now I am playing my Dyna Jet passionately (though I’m getting/giving a little Guild love on the side) and have stated out loud, in front of witnesses that I’ve found my one true love-of-my-life, forever guitar...but then, I’ve said that before.

Unfaithfully yours,



Remember my saying --'experiment or die'... or a less extreme version. 'experiment or quit'.

There is a minor amendment -- I was going to open it up to any 3/4 size Gibson, which includes hollow ES 125 and 140, but now my guitar tech stopped doing internal hollowbody wiring, and I want my new E-Z turn pots, and guard mounted volume etc. like I shelled out for w/ Grestch. So just a solid body guy, but if a cheap 23" scale Rambler came along, I would be tempted.

So really the one other I would do is the Les Paul Jr. 3/4. Those are pricey but occasionally hacked ones are seen... there was a decent one just w changed tuners and bridge (improvements) for under 2K - but that was before The Big Change

Only a bad refin MM would be redone in red.I am quite ok w/ original sunburst

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