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This week’s short scale obsession


Well I'm over that Melody Maker 3/4 since it only came in one pickup. But this is next


Would prefer red over black but better go for what's out there now. Also no maple neck option but a 22.7 Duo Sonic maple neck should work.


Have you explored the Rambler option? But I guess if single pickup is a deal breaker, then a Rambler won't work. Unless you add a bridge pickup...


Well you are right. I did get one of the Dr. Milk Truck Ramblers a number of years back, but that was back in my wide neck orientation, and so it didn't stay -- but it's all different now... would look at one now. I think they're 23.5 scale? So I am exploring my options and sort of had forgotten the Rambler scene. Thanks for the reminder.


Well I ended up getting the 22.7" scale Strat... a forthcoming NGC. But still looking for a red one tho---

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