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this National bass is eatin’ on me…


Yes, I had a Supro Pocket bass about 6 yrs. ago... this is same electronics, just a different body shape. They don't show up this clean ever. I have never been a collector, but when it comes to 24" to 25.5 scale basses, it might be time to start.

National Map bass / Kay Value Leader bass // Mosrite Celebrity bass (one @ Atomic) / Carvin bass (early)

I could see having one of each and take on the string hassle (discussed over on talkbass, but i have to start that topic here.

btw someone wanted to see this.


Also multiple Demented Projects are progressing nicely.

short scale Jazzmaster with 3 different pickup assemblies strat with 3 bass strings.

both are same red as above guitar.

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