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These Carvins are eatin’ on me


25" scale basses!!



One about 6 years later than the other.

Older one has functional upgrades; -- better tuners, bridge, what kind of pickup is that? Of course original AP-4 there could have been cool.

I would like to get both of them but one will have to do

. I think I will lower the Dano 3923 to the point where it can buy me these two.


Unless I get a good price I go for aesthetics first and my uneducated view (about Carvins--I didn't even know they made anything other than amps by mail order) is the second one is cooler FWIW if you only get one.


Carvin had cool stuff but but 80s just went all in for the hard rock/metal scene. They have made tons of stuff... starting in California around same time as Fender.


Well yeah, those are way cool!


These aren't guitars!

They're basses!

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