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Then there were 3… and then 1?


Well the Rick 650 par-tay rolls on with #3 added.

Left is #1, my main guitar for 2 years. Why? Compact body, short scale, buckers that are the great midpoint between single coil and bucker, and righteous WIDE neck. Refretted w/ even bigger frets than it had and plekd. Ugly Montezuma brown refin w/ red somewhere between Gibson cardinal and Fender dakota red. I always switch em over to master tone and volume.

In the middle is the ruby finish 650 converted to a 12 string --one of ONLY 3 in the whole Guitar Universe. Even whiter maple board. Original controls back on -- as y'all know this one's for sale only because I have a 12 string solid body coming with a full 2" wide neck, like the old Gibson 1960s acoustic 12s -- to be revealed in another month or two. This 1 3/4" is passable for a stock 12 ,which is why I shelled out for this conversion.

Then the latest addition to the family .. super light 650 with wild candy apple sparkle finish. It looks like mega-flake but it's quiet small, actually. And same treatments the other one got. This is the keeper, so #1 may go on the block cause I'm still bent on finding a good original condition 1 3/4" wide neck Princess or Twist as a back up guitar. I still gotta keep a hand in the Gretsch world somehow.

That's how I roll... when I find something I really like, I usually get two and pick the one with the edge.


Very cool. I roll with Rickenbacker 330's.


closer up of kool flake finish


Pretty cool finish that!


Nice, I'm a sucker for a flake finish.

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