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The History of Fender Guitars in 3 mins 30 secs.


I posted this bit of nonsense to demonstrate my new blackguard replica I've just finished. Name those tunes.


Very cool. I recognized most of it but I'm terrible with names. Everything past the shadows tune was off my radar but still sorta familiar.


Lots of very familiar riffs in there...and I'm diggin' the blackguard Tele. Nice!!


Cool video! And a fun contest. I recognize most of them, but don't remember all the names

  • ? (sounds a bit like Setzer's solo on "Let's live it up"...)

  • ? ("That'll be the day", but in the wrong key..? ;-) )

  • "Suzie Q"

  • "Honey Hush"

  • "Misirlou"

  • "Pipeline"

  • "Walk Don't Run"

  • "Wonderful Land"

  • "Buckaroo"

  • "Hey Joe"

  • "Heart Full of Soul"

  • ?

  • ?

  • "Smoke On the Water"

  • "Layla"

  • "Sultans Of Swing"

  • "Start Me Up"

  • "Lenny"


That was very cool and creative!


A creditable effort gretschoholic. "Over under sideways down" the Yardbirds with Jeff Beck & "Good times bad times" Led Zep who used a tele on their first album. I wanted to start with some western swing but couldn't think of an obvious tune, so it's just some generic Jimmy Bryant style licks. Is "that'll be the day" not in E?


arrghh, Buddy used a capo on the 5th fret.


"That'll be the day" is in A, although Buddy used a capo in the fifth fret and played E shapes... ;-)

Edit: Yup, you found out the minute i hit "enter" :D


Isn't you tube marvellous?

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