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The GLITSCH cigar box guitar…


Having built about a dozen cigar box guitars & being a member of Cigar Box Nation....this has got to be the nicest & coolest build I have seen to date. Wish it were mine!



That is pretty cool. You build that sort of stuff do you?


Wow... I found myself smiling through that entire vid. Very cool!


Thos are the two coolest box guitars I have ever seen!


Brilliant, the resonator is cool, but the Glitch is killer!


I wonder what the source for the neck is? scale length ect.


My builds are "basic" and not as ornate & complicated. Haven't used a pick-up yet, mainly piezos or just acoustic. I have some pu's ready ( including a vintage gold foil Harmony Dearmond), but time is limited. Maybe someday.....

My page at the Nation:


As for the pick-up in the Glitsch...I'm not sure what thet are as he didn't mention. Too bad they weren't vintage Dearmonds,,,giving way to kinda Bo meets Duane git !!

Here's his page over at the Nation.....see pics of this build in progress:

Jim's page

Glad everyone like the video...I'm still diggin' it!


Wow, I am constantly surprised by the creativity and ingenuity displayed by forum members and friends. These are totally cool! I am curious, does anybody do cigar-box mini amplifiers?


Nice! I have a box that's waiting for me to get the talent.


I gutted a Danelectro HoneyTone for this....


I gutted a Danelectro HoneyTone for this....

– NoiseMaker

I gutted a Danelectro HoneyTone for this....

– NoiseMaker

Now that is a cool amp! :) 8-)


Oughtta be able to play some smokin' hot licks on those! (ducking flying vegetables).

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