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Wild Swedish Guitar Museum


Yeah, I posted about these guys before the crash.

Guitarist magazine published a long article on the muesum and how the brothers had amassed their collection.

I plan to go one day, just as soon as I sell my kids to the circus.


Just stumbled across this cool web page while doing some research. Anyone heard of this place? And have any of our European members visited?


– redrocker




– jeffed

I'm pretty sure Darko is from Norway, not Sweden...


I was hoping to visit. One of our factories is in Gothenburg, but Umea is quite a distance away.


I live here, but has not visit the museum yet. Its a 12 hour trip with car from where I live. But Im sure I go there someday. I know they got a 1958 White Falcon and a Roundup, almost worth the trip just for that


I'm pretty sure Darko is from Norway, not Sweden...

– Tartan Phantom

True...but Sweden is right next door.


True...but Sweden is right next door.

– jeffed

Just tell a Texan that Canada is right next door.


Did anyone notice the Americana guitars hanging on the wall?


True...but Sweden is right next door.

– jeffed

ssssshhh... Don't say that too loud... the Swedish have been trying to keep it a secret for years in hopes that the Norwegians won't find out.

There's always been a bit of "friendly" animosity or rivalry between the two nations (and sometimes not-so-friendly, especially in competitive sports circles).


There is good video material on YouTube on Guitarist magazines channel about the Umea museum and the brothers. There is some great stuff there from the big brands. Such is the range they have I believe their shopping list is now down to an original 58 V. One of them has a particular love of B Bender Teles, I seem to recall.


I'm impressed by the early Hiwatt in the homepage photo.

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