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The Fall and Rise of Gibson Guitars (?)


Stumbled on this video today, an interesting insider take on his quality of life and (not so long ago) lack of quality management at Gibson.

Got a good laugh when the toddler appears (around 7:00)


I guess Moe and Larry will be running the offshore production, don't understand how Moe isn't running the show.


It's sad how stories of bad management all sound alike. When you don't listen to people on the production line, the product -- and everyone --suffers. Firebird X? Looks like Firebird Yechs. Still have GAS for LP Juniors tho'.


Signs are positive so far. I'm hopeful now.


The comeback of Gibson can only be a good thing for the entire industry.


And, as we have observed countless times, the formula (at least from the outside) doesn't look that difficult: make classic Gibson models, in various levels of feature and trim (as the 2019 line appears to get right), at a few price points. With Epiphone very ably handling the 300.00 - 800.00 intro and middle range, start a few Gibsons under 1,000.00. The "standard" pro range at 1,800.00 and up is completely consistent with the rest of the industry.

But pricing wasn't, by and large, the problem. The problem was dumb guitars and inconsistent quality control. So - don't make any dumb guitars, and build them to traditional Gibson standards.

And stay away from other industries. Be a stringed-instrument company.



The strangest thing of all with Gibson is that despite people loving to bag them at every opportunity man they can make some incredible guitars. While the USA Les Pauls etc are good guitars it's the custom shop stuff which is really something. Yes I know prices can be ridiculous but in reality they're not so far off what Gibsons have always cost - it's just that everyone else is cheaper these days!

I've bought my share of "Historic" Gibsons in the past few years and they are consistently excellent. I almost always buy them near-new but used and have been pleased with the value I have got. Gibsons are not perfectly finished like a Gretsch or a Collings but mine have felt incredible and been wonderful to play. Gibsons have never been the sort of guitar which is perfectly finished. But the responsiveness is excellent and nothing sounds the same. The 3 Gibsons I have right now all play better than any of my other guitars, including Gretsches.

A few years ago I played a Collings I35. It was by far the best finished guitar I have ever seen - it was perfect in ways I never considered. But it was almost a copy of a Gibson 335 - yes it was significantly different but if Gibson hadn't made the 335 the I35 would most likely never have existed. I still like playing the 335 more. Not as perfect but the character oozes out of mine and it makes me want to keep playing.

I really hope the new CEO can make Gibson last way beyond my time. I don't care what they do as long as guitars as good as the few I have are still available.


agreed. all i want from Gibson is for them to build good guitars one can be proud to own and play.

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