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The 12th Fret; a Great Guitar Store


After six years in Hamilton, Ontario, I'm thrilled to be back in my old hood in Toronto. Camped out with my sons in my old house until I can find a house that is suitable and affordable. The best part is hanging out with my sons and the casual contact that I missed so much. Also, dropping in to the 12th Fret, not far from here, and running into peers and musical friends. I love the store and one never knows what greets just inside the front door. Always some surprises. They sell Gretsches too.


I have gotten a few cool things from them and cool people work there


Great shop, knowledgable and top notch repairs (though not necessarily the most prompt...).


Great store! When I worked in the metro Toronto area years ago, travelling around, I often stopped in to see what they had in vintage instruments and play a guitar now and then. Well worth dropping in if you're in the neighborhood.


I really love Toronto, the people, the cuisine, the sunset cruises, the underground, all of it. Even though I live in California I've worked for the better part of 30 years for an old company about 20 mins away from Toronto. Its one of my favorite city's in the world. Next time I'm up that way Ill definitely drop by the 12th fret, thanks, shops like that are a dying breed.


A dying breed is right 949norm. Grant, the owner has managed to take advantage of the internet and still provide a very personal experience for customers. About 50% of the Fret's business is on line, but they communicate with the customers and set up an instrument the way they like, and people will order from them for that experience. They're tired of impersonal service from the big box stores and sales people who know very little about the instruments they sell. Grant knows a lot about guitars, but also banjos and mandolins. They have some great luthiers in the repair department, and there's always some cool vintage stuff hanging around.


The nicest guitar that I own, and I own quite a few nice ones, I bought online at the 12th fret. They were the coolest guys to deal with! I looked for the perfect one for over 5 years, and if it isn't the nicest L5s in the world, it's right up there...

Rare 2 piece top, 9.2 lbs, and DEAD MINT! The case, which is also dead mint, even came with a canvas case cover.


That’s one gorgeous Gibby Daniel!


I can't remember when, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that L-5 in there. I noticed because I had only seen pictures of that model; not a very common one. Nice.


That’s one gorgeous Gibby Daniel!

– kc_eddie_b

Thanks, for years I wanted one, although the ones that I found were typically too expensive, too heavy (which is very common because of the solid maple), too beat up, or the wrong model (one has low impedance pickups). The lust started when I was 18 years old and a friend let me play his, which frankly, had the best playing neck I ever felt, with the smoothest ebony fretboard. It just felt light years better than anything I ever played. His also sounded really good, with a great clean tone. I wasn't exaggerating when I said it took that long to find one to buy, but when I found this one I couldn't believe the condition, as the guys at 12th fret totally under-sold it. And funny thing, two weeks later, I found another one, with a TP6 tailpiece, so I bought it too! It was the most money I ever spent on guitar purchases but it's been a few years since I bought them and I don't regret it a bit. I typically play Les Pauls and Telecasters when I gig with my electric band, and Gretsches when I bring an electric to my acoustic solo gigs, which is what I do for a living, but I have gigged these a few times and every time it was a joy!

Here's the second one, it came from an owner in Pennsylvania. The guy that originally owned it played in a jazz band, but then he switched to a Beatles cover band and they needed a bass player, so he bought a Hofner Beatle Bass, and under the bed it went. Years later he passed away and it went to his wife. She had it for years but eventually decided to sell it which I found out as she posted on the Gibson forum. She said she brought it to Guitar Center to have it appraised and they low-balled her, so I told her what it was really worth, and then offered her a fair price. After a few days, she called me back, she really wanted this guitar to go to a musician, so she asked me a bunch of questions about what I did in my music career. I guess I passed the audition so to say so she sold it to me. The first thing I did when I got the guitar is to write and record a song with it, and then I sent her the song. She sent me the most wonderful thank you note after that which I keep in the case!

Here's the song I wrote and the guitar is all the fingerpicked clean lines.



12th Fret is my "local." That's where I bought my Ricky this summer.


Pretty guitars, Dan. Post a full length pic if you could. The story behind the second one is what music is all about. Thanks for sharing.


That cherry burst L5S is gorgeous. I lusted after that model from the time I purchased Tom Wheeler's "The Guitar Book". I could never afford one and still can't, but talk about a beautiful instrument.

I'm happy for your good fortune, but also a bit jealous.


Daniel, that is a seriously nice looking guitar.


My Penguin originated from 12th Fret:

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