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The 10-cylinder Jaguar: Mel, did you really do this?


Daniel's New Jag Day thread prompted me to get out my soif green Squier and go surfing all day in the foam, fury, and sun-glinted sparkle of its smorgasborg of tone.

There's such an intoxicating range of finely calbrated tone in there, what with 7 pickup settings and a superbly useful tone knob - all with their family resemblance, but each with its own distinct character, all good for hours of good clean fun.

I have flats on mine, to make the most of the dry percussive plunk (where all the wet should come from reverb - you make yours as drippy as you like, I prefer a rich plate). Compress to suit and off we go!

Nothing like a Jag.

Which got me thinking, why not a third pickup betwixt the others? So I went looking, and of course it's been done innumerable times - but usually, it appears, in non-Jaggy combinations: either a non-Jag pup in the middle, or in the other positions, and often a mixture. I guess I don't see the point of anything but Jag pickups on a Jag. I mean, that's what it's about, ainit, along with the strangle switch? Should I triplicate on my Squier, it will definitely be with a matching Jag pickup.

AnyHOW, one of the searches I followed lead to a Surf101 thread from, gosh, 16 YEARS ago or so - with testimony from Mel Waldorf, the surfin' rabbi, attesting to his experience with triple Jags.

And he appears to have posted the...well, the pickup platform shown above. It's unclear whether it's something he perpetrated, something he came across, or maybe even a Photoshop job.

So, Mel, what's it all about? Inquiring minds and all...


Photoshop, I think. The bridge and the trem are substantially further back than on a standard Jag. If there were more/ larger/clearer pics we could establish whether it's an actual Jag conversion to baritone or whether someone's having us on.

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