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I'm looking to build a telecaster body, can anyone recommend a good template to buy? Is anything on ebay good and are some better than others or are they pretty much all useable? There is an acrylic one that I like on ebay.


Check out www.ronkirn.com. Ron Kirn is a highly respected custom builder who specializes in Teles and he offers templates for sale.


I have a set of Ron Kirn's Tele body templates made out of MDF that I think I got from his ebay store. I've only built one body with them so far, but they worked perfectly.


That was my first thought but both Ron and Pierre are no longer selling templates, any other recommendations? I am thinking most templates on the market today will be fine, with cnc precision and the wealth of knowledge on the internet and in the community I would bet its not terribly difficult to find a good template? I've scoured the threads but everything just comes up Kirn and they no longer sell templates as of just a couple years ago.


That's a bummer, I think I got my set last summer some time. One thing I've been meaning to do is draw my templates up in CAD, I have a CNC laser at work that I could cut acrylic or MDF templates with.

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