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Telecaster info needed


And this, coming right in the middle of the Gibson-stack classic rock era, had to have had an impact.


Tim, is pcd dot com still the best place to reach you?


Prince probably had a fair bit to do with the Tele’s resurgence too.

Jeff Beck?

Status Quo were rocking them right through the 70s,80s,90s

Elliot Easton, Wilko Johnson, Joe Strummer, Andy Summers, Chrissy Hynde all used Teles from the mid-late 70s.


Posted, just because Proteus mentioned Gentle Giant.

Discombobulated viewers (that'll be everybody) will be mightily relieved to see and hear one familiar chord at 2:18: a deliciously surprising E6/9, so beloved of rockabilly players. The oasis is brief, for the Madrigal Mystery Tour becomes ever more baroque and labyrinthine until 7:19 when the tension is finally released and the Telecaster roars over a filthy I-IV groove.

It's worth hearing this astonishing band, even just once.


That was flippin amazing. Like Medieval Herbie Hancock! Such a polyrhythmic rhyde through time-signatures.

Loving that C3/Wurlitzer/Clav stack with a side order of Mini Moog. I wouldn't want to be one of their roadies.


That works, Otter.

I got to see Gentle Giant in a small club, seated a few feet from a tightly packed stage. Being that close yielded no insight into the seeming near-impossibility of what they did. No matter the complexity or “difficulty” of the material at hand, it both swung mightily and rocked harder, and they appeared to have a great time playing, seemingly expending no more conscious effort (and often less) than a 3-chord boogie band.

I wouldn’t say it was casual and offhand, but it was far from pretentious, self-important, self-conscious, self-indulgent, precious, pompous - or anything else proggers were accused of. It was joyous.

Lots of rockers have been accused of “virtuosity” in connection with their instrumental ability and musical command. Just to confine my comparisons to the proggy world, where I can appear to be critical without incurring the wrath of the offended...I’ve seen Mahavishnu Orch, Yes, King Crimson, and ELP, all of which have reputedly virtuosic members. But you could always tell when those players were at (and a little beyond) the edges of their technique. They could be ragged in execution. There Could Be Slop. I’m not saying that’s bad - having the sense you’re witnessing a player’s or band’s journey to the frontier is exciting, exhilarating, even cathartic and liberating. Break on through.

Gentle Giant, both individually and as an ensemble, exhibited a whole different level of true virtuosity: possessed of such prodigious inherent musicality and masterful technical accomplishment that it appeared they never broke a sweat (in terms of technique). They had broken through to the point where they could apparently do anything, their music limited only by ... well, it’s not accurate to say their imagination or inspiration, because their music had cornucopious outpourings of both. They were limited only by what they had come up with so far, and never by any discernible deficiency of technique nor musical acumen.

Maybe the most purely accomplished group of musos I’ve ever seen live. Utterly fearless, seemingly unlimited, and as hard “rocking” as anyone I’ve seen. The Dregs come close - but they were clearly trying harder. GG just ... did it. They weren’t transcendent, they were just already there.


Did you receive my message?


I did! But it requires consideration and thought, and my week has been busy, on top of societal stressors which require some mindshare, if only to keep up.


Of course! No worries, I wanted to make sure it arrived alright, as I had that address from a couple years ago. No rush


Used to have this gold top: very high build quality, weighty as a Les Paul, extremely flexible tone-wise -- and if you weren't careful, those pickups could take your head off.


They’re all mighty purty, but the translucent green still does it the most for me.


This one is in the March auction at Gardiner Houlgate.

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