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Tele rout depth


Anyone know on a conventional Tele body how far down the rout for bridge pickup goes? Full body depth and rout depth? This for another Demented Idea I have.


The bodies are 1 3/4" and the bridge pickup is 3/4" from the top.


I route my bridge pickup 0.85", control cavity 1.50", and neck/neck pickup route 0.65". I'm sure Curt's 0.75" would work as well.


So this means there is an inch in back of the rout. Good to know - -thanks


This template also shows 0.85 for bridge route depth. Not sure if helpful or not..


Tele bridge pickups are typically .739 so anything more than 75 is overkill considering the pickup isn't flush with the top. You can go as deep as you want if there's a purpose.

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