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Tele nomenclaturing help needed


This is a Squier Tele Standard. It says so on the sticker. But still I can't find the exact series it was part of. No internet photo shows this sticker. Who knows more about it?

It is new old stock, mutilated artistically by the shop owner. He might have swapped the bucker. Dunno kind of territory.

He is asking 300 for it. But I'm very much not sure what it's worth...


Pricey for any Squier, especially one that's been modded.


Depends on the Squier. I’d pay $300 in a heartbeat for an ‘80s Japanese made model.


Ryan, when I sell mine, I'll call ya.


That's entirely too much money Geoff.


If it's a fancy tickler, sure. Can you discuss your particular attraction to it?


It came up on facebook. Then I got lust. Haven't even touched it in real life. Then I doubted if it was a good or bad plan. If it once was a good series, it might be a good plan. If it was from the firewood series, it might be a stupid plan.


Right...but do you LIKE the graphic treatment? The humbucker at the neck (if it turned out to be dumb) could be undone on the cheap with a pickguard, but - unless you're Mr DIY looking for a project - undoing the cartoon halloween theme with a refin couldn't possibly be worth the timemoneyeffort.

Equally unless it turned out to be a Squier Tele that just happened to have the most amazing piece of wood anywhere ever, and was thus worth any amount of timemoneyeffort to fully wonderfulize.

The universe doesn't usually treat me to such advantage, but your luck may be different...


I shouldn't do it.

– Geoff_Vane


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