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Sweet Cherries


1962 (not the reissue!)


1962 (the reissue!)

– Jim Austin

Sweet! I haven't tried one, but I've read nice reviews.


Lots of overlap with the Wine thread and some with the CAR thread. But cherry really is often distinct. I prefer the wines, as everyone knows. But there are some lovely cherry archtops for sure. Looking forward to more of these.

I am also a little concerned that these threads, for which I am sort of responsible by starting the Wine thread, are what are screwing up the site. All these lovely pics. So, apologies to Baxter and anyone having trouble if so.


I'm waiting for the gold tops.



– JimR56

That's truly beautiful.


I don't think I've ever owned a red guitar, but I've always thought the ES-355 in cherry is one of the most beautiful guitars ever made.


I guess you could say this is cherry. RKS Red Ruby. I added the red leds.


Agile Valkyrie doubleneck. IMO, this was the best bang for your buck Gibson doubleneck copy back in the day. Solid mahogany, not mahogany plywood like Epiphone.


Sweet! I haven't tried one, but I've read nice reviews.

– JimR56

Mine was #16 so it was an early one. No build or electronics issues and it has a very nice tone. I was surprised at how thin the neck was but I've played guitar so long, different size necks or scale lengths don't really bother me, although my Ricky 360 took awhile to get my head around the fretboard.

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