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Lots of pix seen in last week of Bowie playing a Supro/National Dual Tone


All those photographs, and you couldn't link to at least one?


here ya go. ...for more, Google Bowie playing a Supro


And who knew that he played the guitar riff on Rebel Rebel (original version). Everyone thinks it was Mick Ronson...


You know what I just learned last week. Exactly that.


At last the truth comes to light... he won't be soon forgotten, except now the buzz is about Glenn Frey.


Glenn who? Bowie is still trending in my feed, although Frey has hit as well.


I finished the documentary on Netflix about the Eagles. I hate to speak ill of the dead but Frey came off as a coked-up bully. Pretty much unfairly kicking two members out of the band in order to consolidate power and hijack the band. Made Axel Rose look like Ghandi.


I always thought Bowie played all the guitar parts on the Album "Diamond Dogs".Correct me if I am wrong.


I think Robert Fripp once said something like this: there is no sadness in a life well-lived, but there is loss. So my thought is that Bowie was a great talent who gave us much, but his life came to a natural end. We should appreciate his work but he's gone and that's life.


Bowie played all guitars on the entire Diamond Dogs album minus one song. I think it was 1984 that one other guitar player helped play some of the guitar, (Alan Parker).

There is more 1984/Dodo info, but I think the previous is enough.

I did like that Supro Bowie played. He was a very good guitar-songwriter/music writer, much more than being a guitar wizard. To me, songwriting is more important anyway.



And who knew that he played the guitar riff on Rebel Rebel (original version). Everyone thinks it was Mick Ronson...

– DCBirdMan

It is my understanding that Alan Parker played that. Bowie certainly wrote it. There is a story of Bowie in a hotel room being driven mad by some-one in another room continuously playing the Rebel Rebel riff incorrectly at high volume. After a few hours D.B had had enough & knocked on the door of the offending room. It was answered by tennis player John McEnroe, guitar in hand.


Supro David Bowie Limited Edition Dual Tone with bigsby, available as a hardtail as well.



And it automatically makes you look as cool as Bowie the minute you strap it on!


I just sold my '62 because as long as I've had it, I'll never be as cool as Bowie.


I liked the idea of this guitar and have played the Airline Twin Tone for a few years now (replaced pup with GFS Surf 90s). So the new model intrigued me but hey, do we have to have Bowie on the headstock? I'm a big fan but don't want anyones name there, I wish it was just an option. But also, I thought the shape looked a bit....dumpy? Dunno, I've added the new version alongside an original and also the Airline....which is the model I've gotten used to (and prefer that shape). Just curious as to why the shape should be changed when there's originals around to work from


Hopefully my pictures here;


Those old Dual Tones, like Bowie played are really nice, i've never seen a new one but ive played lots of oldies. The Val Trol is another great one, that piezo bridge pickup is a trip.


Actually...my Dual-Tone is one of the biggest POS I've ever owned.

My $99 Epiphone LP Special blows it away.

No headstock angle and some of the strings will pop out of the nut if you don't wind them all the way to the bottom of the post...

And look at the back...neck held on with 2 screws?!?!?!


One is a TILT ADJUSTMENT and the neck is held on with ONE SCREW.

And the frets are tiny...like a mandolin.

I have, and have had, some weird, funky guitars. The vast majority I can make play well and stay in tune.

The Dual-Tone is a slide-only guitar for me.

Great electronics, though...killer sounds.

BTW...the new Supro did a great job reproducing this pickup.


They get the job done. content://media/external/file/152056 content://media/external/file/152057


Yeh whatever. They're all different sizes and shapes and no one mentions that anywhere. So there


I’m witchu, Vince. The differences between the original and the Airline are subtle; a little in the upper side waist, an apparent slight revision of the cutaway, elongated lower body. Aesthetically, the original is slightly more pleasing to me.

The differences between the original and the new one are glaring and not at all subtle. Cutaway, upper shoulder, both waist cuts. It’s all close enough to get sued over, if that body shape was being protected by anyone - but not even close in a rudimentary survey of the profile. And, yeah, why? Nothing about it is an aesthetic improvement.

In its own humble way, the original is both “iconic” and perfectly shaped and proportioned. Why not just trace the shape and honor it?


Thanks Tim, I was wondering if it was just me! I prefer the original also out of the three, with the naughty Airline coming a close second. I'm just puzzled as to why the new reissue is so 'squat' and to me, not so pleasing to the eye. I guess folks have to add something to make it new, but it ain't broke, don't fix it! Making the neck and frets more playable makes total sense, that's what the Airline vagabonds have done. I have the Roadhouse Vista Tone pickup in one of mine (same folks who make the pups for the new models) so I'm guilty of joining the pirate ship!


Wildeman here, i tried to put some cool pix up a couple posts ago, lemmy try again.

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