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Supro takes aim at the Bigsby-equipped semi-hollow market


And another thing! Why does the Dual Tone model have to have Bowie written all over it? And the shape has been altered into some kinda weird squat body shape. That doesn't resemble the original model that Bowie played anyway!


Yeah, but there was something wonderfully 'wrong' about those old Supros and Airline guitars. The juvenile delinquent cousins of the bigger brands. Snotty, full of attitude and they had a unique vibe in a world of what became generic guitar design. The new models seem wrong in the wrong way.

Hard to please? Damn right. Sorry about that. They could be cooler, or just stick to reissuing the originals.

– Vince_Ray

Oh I am more than familiar with the Supro Attitude... I don't like that particular guitar, but one of my main badass slide guitars is a Supro Lexington that I lovingly refer to as "The Waring Blender", and yes it has those fat tone single coil pickups that give up the goods...

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/dani...


Yep, they're just beautiful to me too.

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

What can I tell ya? All my Gretsch electrics have had cat's eyes only!

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