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Suns bursting everywhere!!!


One-off factory finish experiment that Rickenbacker wound up naming, “Matte Tobacco”.


Tobacco glo!

– Strummerson

Tobaccoglo was what I originally thought, too, Strum. According to Rick, the little run of 15 they did in Tobaccoglo shipped with toasters, black-painted guards and shark fins, traditional f-holes, and a slightly different color scheme. Go figya.


One of Andy Babiuk’s pics of her.


Found a pic. This here’s wotchacallyer Tobaccoglo. (Not my guitar. Stole the pic off the www.)


Of my electrics, I've had this one the longest. I had set it aside for many years, but lately I've been picking it up more and more. It's so comfortable to play. Sometimes I think about swapping out the pickups, but then I plug it in and rejoice in the way it slams the front of my amp. The full-hollow body really makes it come alive.


A 330 is one of my dream guitars. So I'd love having a Casino. But, I think I'd prefer one in wine...


How could I forget? My other sunburst!

84 Japanese Squier P-Bass. I've played this on more stages than any of my guitars.


Gibson Switchmaster - Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe - Career Super CG 2004


The Guild X-175 which I sold.


The Gibson ES 330 which I sold.


No regrets Strum. It took me a long time to make a choice. I never got comfortable with the short scale and the ‘smallish’ neck profile. But I loved the sound of both. Unfortunatly there is not much choice when you are looking for a long scale thinline with p-90’s. A second hand https://www.grezguitars.com would be nice ..


1965 Annie


1964 Clipper

(Bad photos sorry.)


Crafter FEG-780. Unknown in the U.S. Real sleepers. Embiggen in new tab.

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