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Suggestions on NGD!


I'm going to run into a bit of money soon after I get off tour this summer and I need a new guitar.

I play mostly quick jazz blues swing licks through a Super Reverb, with a touch of rockabilly from time to time. I enjoy mellow but crisp sounds.

$4,000 maximum.. GO! 8-)


Vintage 6120, or vintage CG. Easy to find well within your budget. The wood has aged & opened up, is American made, and has lacquer finish.


A George Benson Ibanez.



Wow, I never had the opportunity to think about a guitar with that kind of budget. Bump :(


Odd you should throw an Ibanez in the mix. I have been gassing hard for an AS73 in cherry....

400 bucks new... and semi-hollow maple to boot! I don't think the high end guitars are really worth the money. Seriously... at one time there was a huge difference, not so much anymore IMHO.


I would suggest Saturday as NGD, that way you'll have all of the weekend to play the guitar!

... sorry ... :P :D

Seriously i would look for a cool vintage one.


Thanks for the suggestions guys, keep 'em coming.

I'm very interested in CC's. What are all the kinds? Any special runs?


What guitars do you already have? That could make a difference in recommendations.


^ what kinds of guitar do you like? what pickups, etc.?

if i was thinking about dropping 4 large on an new instrument that wasn't a piano, i'd be looking at a carved-top archtop or a high-end acoustic unless i had a deep, desperate need for a Custom Shop version of a well-loved design. with that kind of money i'd buy a Lowden, but for your type of thing an archtop would be more appropriate. something big, round, and Gibson-y.


Levi, your description of "quick jazz blues swing licks" brought the Country Club to mind right away, especially with Dynas – and, I would suggest, a spruce top. The guitar is the direct descendent of Gretsch's Synchromatic jazz archtops, by way of the Electros of the early 50s. The pedigree is there.

A Club isn't quite like an archtop with P90s for late 40s-50s blues/jump blues, as it will be a little brighter – but it could certainly get you in T-Bone territory. For the same reason, it's not going to take you into rippling bubbly hollowbody-humbucker territory for that quintessential Bensonesque tone.

But remember it has an effective tone knob, which you can dial back to get fit into those sonic notches – and, with the spruce top, the Club does something like choppin' swing amplified-acoustic rhythm.

It's not that you would use that guitar to absolutely nail the classic versions of those tones. The beauty is that it can play in all those territories while bringing its own unique character to them.

I don't know I'd call a Country Club "mellow but crisp" – but depending on how it's deployed, I'd call it "crisp but mellow." And rich. Rich and textured.


Early 60s red Duo-Jet Double Cutaway w/filters.



That's what I would have gone for if I had the budget.


What Proteus said.

A friend used his '54 Electro II Syncromatic (Country Club precursor) for both the then current 60s pop and a variety of small club jazz gigs: the 6193 was easily capable of doing justice to both genres and still is! It also does the rockabilly and Chet things; Tommy Emmanuel raved over it so much he played it at a gig. Warm if need be, crisp when required and glorious tone.

4 big ones will get you a vintage 6193 but check back here before buying.

If you go vintage also look at D'Angelico if you find one within price range.

I'm biased but the (Dyna) Gretsch will cover many bases well whereas most guitars e.g. a Gibson L5 will do just one, maybe two. Just my opinion.


Thanks for the input Proteus, really cleared up a few questions I may have had about the sound.

I'm definitely geared toward a CC, but Guitarmaniac just brought up my long lost obsession with Guilds! I have a little while to choose still, so I can do some looking and try to find the cream of the crop.

I'll keep my eye open for some nice Guilds, but if I can't find the right one, I'll probably go for a CC with no questions!

Thanks again guys. 8-)


My advice, go to a store that has a good selection of both new and used high end guitars and play a bunch of them until one calls your name. That is the sure way to get exactly what you want and satisfy that tone you hear in your head.


If you can find any to play, Peerless is also making a variety of reasonably-priced high-quality archtops in various sizes, with different pickup combinations, P-90's included. They're worth checking out.


I'm with Proteus as well. Not just because he's Proteus.

I'd look for a spruce top blonde. Second choice would be a smoke gray/violet model, which also sports a spruce top.


This is my main looker right about now! G6196TSP!


Yep. That's what I was talking about. Smoke gray and violet. Spruce top. Dynas. If it's good enough for Paul Pigat...


I'm a Gretsch guy but I just have to suggest a look at something else with the kind of budget you are talking...

For four large, you can get whatever the hell you want built in the custom shop at Heritage. I had them build me a Super Eagle with a Bigsby that was incredible and everything I wanted for about $2,800. With your budget, you can get down to every detail including choice of wood, inlays, etc.

If there is a Club or something else that fits the bill for you perfectly, great. We're all here because we love Gretsches. But, if there's not one that covers every darn thing for you, I'd have a look at a custom Heritage.



Sounds like we play similar stuff. Listen to this and you'll likely decide you need an Electro II or CC with Dynas. I did. http://www.youtube.com/watc... There are some Harmonys for way under your budget that can get you in this territory. And don't forget Gibsons with P90s. An old ES175....

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