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Stupid Deal of the Day - Gibson SG $549


I know, right? Wish I hadn't leveled out my tax return already. That's a real rock machine.


If it had the fatter neck I'd be grabbing this!


Mini-hums, though? I like them on my LP Deluxe, but - never having had an SG - I'd be wanting a classic config with either P90s or 'buckers.

Maybe this is for the SG completist.

Of course...if it has the same pickup mount as my LP, I could put 'buckers in it.

Oh man.


People are reporting that this guitar has a lot of problems. The biggest complaint is that the input jack is too long for the recess, and sticks out too far. It appears to make a lot of static noise, and needs to be replaced, right out of the box. Others reported neck to body separations large enough to stick a credit card in. Tuning instability issues are also being reported. I don't think I'd chance getting one from of this run, I think that there is a reason MF is trying to blow them out.


Well there ya go. Thanks, Wade. That's info worth considering.


Great news! I'm off the hook of my own acquisitive lust.


You can always return it if it sucks. Never saw an SG with minis and thought it was kinda cool. I don't see any pole pieces & wondering whether the pickups are Firebird style or something new.


You didn't want this one. It comes without a case.


the budget SGs dont have that crisp woody bonk in the neck position to me. Then again after posting that strat vs squire dem..who's to say.


Tons of cheap and good used SGs around here.

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