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Stunning Silvertone



I think there is one chip missing near one of the neck bolts on the back. Aside from that it looks like it probably did when new. Usually the "entry level" guitars are some form of beater but not this '60's Silhouette. Lordy.


Pretty cool. like a BobKat I had years ago.


For as much flak as these guitars get for being cheese graters back in the day, this one certainly appears to have low action. But I guess that it could have been set up later, despite looking like it's practically fresh from the factory.


That's sweet. Can't believe the condition.


The kool Harmony scene. Unlike most all old Danos these had an adjustable truss rod. Between that and shimming the neck, you could get ok action on these. A few models were righteous 24" scale.


Many of those old "budget" guitars that had high action even with the bridge decked could be made very playable if they had a bolt on neck with a simple neck shim. Couple of years ago my local Sam Ash had a really exceptionally clean early 70's Aria thin double cut hollow body bolt neck w/ beautiful woods, adjustable rod and very cool sounding big single coils for a very decent price that they said was probably negotiable. Should of grabbed it and stuck a shim in there.....didn't need anything else.

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