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Strat neck profile


Well some know I am selling this apparently unplayed 2012 Japanese 22.5" scale Strat because of the 1 9/16th neck/nut width and 7.5" radius, which no longer works for me.

I am getting a lot of questions from Tweaky Strat Dudes about all sorts of stuff I can't answer --what kind of finish, etcI am guess the construction of this is the same as other full size ones they wre making at that time.

But one question has come in about neck profile -- to me it's not the thinnest I have seen but by no means chunky, V, baseball bat or all these home grown terms to describe the big fat necks. So I added this pix. To me it looks middle of the road -- what say you?


The finish looks like thin gloss to me- roughly equivalent to pre-CBS,and IMO more comfortable than ThickSkin; I've played several MIJ Fenders with necks finished like the pic and liked'em all. 22 1/2 scale? That's seriously non-standard for a Strat.

I'm also thinking the best way to answer Q's about the neck is to measure neck thickness.Numbers will tell the curious what they want to know.


Yes I am going to get a micrometer on this. Yes, there have been 2 short runs of 22.5 Strats -- .Mexi in 2005 and Japanese on 2012. I use the Mexi ones.

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