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Squier Tele Baritone!


I saw these advertised a few days ago, and think it’s a a really appealing combination: Telecaster baritone, with P90s. I’m quite a Squier fan, has anyone had the chance to play one yet?



Not yet but watching em hard. Had a thing crawling in my head saying" you need something cheap with P-90's" those urges!


Here’s a hot-off-the-griddle first impressions video.


I'm suffering from New Baritone Fever, and this is at least superficially attractive - I love a P90 Tele - but I feel like it ought to have a Bigbsy, and that's an expensive-ish proposition on a Tele.

So...thinking between the new Electromatic Jet baris (but the nice colors have the V-stop tailpiece and block fret markers...and the version with Bigs and thumbnails only comes in boring black and plainol silver) - and the Eastwood Jeff Senn Model 1.

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