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Somebody will love this!


Apparently this is a Chaki from around 1970. All I know is that it looks very, very cool! I found it on Ishibashi's "U-Box", which is their second-hand section. ¥120000 is around US$1100.


And that is the sum total I know about it.


That top one certainly looks "right" to me.

Takumi Chiki founded Chaki in 1947 as a stringed instrument factory. Chaki produced, sold and repaired stringed instruments specialising in double basses, but they also made OEM guitars for other brand names (including Elk). Chaki made their own branded acoustic guitars in the 1970s. 1977 they opened a showroom and in 1990 they were established as a limited company with wholesale operation. By 1991 they were making double basses, silent basses, cellos and guitars.The head office and factory moved to Kitsugawa-shi in Kyoto prefecture in 2010. https://www.guitar-list.com...


They also have this late '60s/early '70s Yamaha for less - ¥100000.


Surely somebody here would be into guitars like these?

– JimmyR

Toxophilite is and has two Yamaha's. He's a tad busy right now with his Convertible!

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