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Some Svedes Build a Kit Guitar. It’s apparently indestructible.


You could not make this up.

Svedish engineers build it:

Yngwie tries to break it:

Rob Chapman tries to play (but not tune) it:

Now you can bid on it: https://reverb.com/item/217...


I've been following these guys on FB for ages they are making some very interesting bits and pieces. The look of that stop tailpiece is brilliant. Could you imagine the fun Jimmy Webster would have had with a 3D printer. . .


"I've been smashing guitars since I was seven years old". Ha ! I would love too watch him give guitar lessons to some unsuspecting youth !


Wonder if it's still in tune afterwards ?


It seems pretty silly to me to play a guitar that makes you look like an idiot…. ; )
I mean, if you want to break a guitar on stage and it doesn’t work, you look ridiculous… Who would want that? Not that I break guitars but if I would, I would really want them to break….


I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Interesting technology.

I wonder how this works with the neck, I wouldn't want it to be 100% rigid. It needs to be flexible for the desired amount of relief.

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