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Some more Guitar pampering today…


These two get a lot of play, but it had been a little while since the last full top to bottom clean-up, fret board, string change, pots and switches lubed, etc.

It's amazing how long T-I strings can last if you let them take their set over the first day. I never stretch T-I strings, its a different metallurgy than other brands.

I've been playing the 400 through my GK MB200 Bass head rig with a 15" Mojo Extension Cab. They match up well for a SS Jazz-like experience. Adding the Mystery Brain BS-301 in the mix, fully pleasurable sounds.


WOW! What a gorgeous family you have....!! Beside the 400 -- what is the other model? Is that a Byrdland? Both are drool-worthy......

I've been using T.I.'s for years but have always stretched them -- due to years of habit. What led you to NOT stretch them? Perhaps I should give your approach a try during the next round of re-stringing.....?


Always bend strings,it's in my dna. Never had a problem with the ti's I use.


Back in the day T-I had their preferred method of restringing on their website...get close to pitch (1/2 step flat), then walk away for a day.

Austrian Metallurgy goes way back....way back.

It has to be how the core metal "creeps" after being put under tension, plastic/elastic deformation, etc.

Most can't wait, or aren't rotating guitars, to be able to let the metal relax that amount of time.

The set on the Byrdland lasted 3 1/2 years, the set on the 400 3 years.

And you wouldn't have known from playing.


Beautiful guitars sir, i especially love the Super 400. It's been 23 years since i last had one in my arms.



Those two were the cleanest, Kalamazoo-made, that I chose to afford.

Lots of craftsmanship and experience going back decades even if they are early to mid 70's vintage. Both would have been Custom Shop production.

They were each quite the hunt... and still in great condition...44yo and 47yo.


Aw c'mon. Old Norlin stuff.


What are the pickups on the Super 400?

Beautiful & special guitars.


Works of art!!!

Hats off to ya.

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