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Silvertone Espanada - Aluminum Binding


Not sure how I missed this thread. Interesting to read the comments about shops in San Francisco in the 80's. I didn't get up there very often, but I remember doing a big trade for a 1953 Gibson ES-5 at a shop called Satterlee & Chapin circa 1985. I couldn't even tell you where it was located. The only other shop I remember visiting up there was Real Guitars.

The Espanadas have indeed been a favorite option for some blues players for a long time. Anders Lewen in Sweden is a very good example (lots of videos on Youtube).


I've tried to buy this one but the fella is not ready to let it go yet. I gave him a fair offer but it needs some work.


maddog, out of all the ones I've owned, the last one I still have is a black 1427L. Debuted in '60, sometimes referred ro as the "Jazz" model in the catalogs. Still has the P13s with individual pole pieces, or at least the ones I have seen do. Fine example of the breed, and I dont mind the slightly narrower body.

hammerhands, I think it was originally abandoned for both cost and manufacturing ease, as well as the changing aesthetics of the day. Plastic binding is just so much easier to deal with, but the metal worked just fime from a practical standpoint.

– spike


That's interesting. The first one I seriously considered was your H-62 (I think that was it.) Really planted the hook, though the money part only lined up later. I don't mind the slightly shallower body of the 1427 either. I've learned from playing other archtops (Guild X50, Heritage H-575), that size is a sweet spot (for me) in terms of comfort and playability. MD

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