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Silvertone 1446


A guy around h ere gigs regularly w/ one of these... I think it's a kool 24" scale


Just got this one last week from a friend of a friend selling off his late father's gear.


I think the Rocket/1446 body is one of the most comfortable and well proportioned guitars ever. It just works for me.

Sadly my 1446 was a wrecked husk with a Teisco neck that never would have worked. I managed to salvage the body and am thinking about making a neck for it someday.


There were a few that went through as double cutaways.

This one was sold to Randy Bachman.


I have had several over the years - liked the tone but had some stability issues with a couple. Once I started using the H62 model I quit buying them. Cool looking ride though.


I had one. Very comfortable and easy to control feedback. We had one song where tuned feedback was a prominent feature. I remember thinking it was strange that the neck didn’t get fatter toward the base


I came very close to buying one a couple years ago. Couldn't come up with the cash at the time. Very cool guitar though


I have one. 1962. Raised Silvertone logo instead of decal. Original bridge is spaced wrong, but sounds great w/ TOM . I would love to try a tru-arc, but string spacing is narrow. Pups sound great with a little hair on them...

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